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Fat Loss Diets – Are You Burning Out?

Very often, fat loss diets cause people to lose motivation to stick to their healthy eating plan. They eliminate every single shred of unhealthy food from their kitchen, sticking to a strict diet of lean protein, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and loads of fluids. Their first day seem to past by successfully. No hunger pangs, no incessant cravings. They think they… Read more »

Diets do not work – truths you probably never knew

For those who have tried, they soon realized: diets do not work. Everyone has either heard of or has tried to go on a diet. Sadly, most of the time, they fail to stick to it, and give up halfway. This causes them to feel demoralized and go on eating binges because they feel deprived of various foods because of the… Read more »

Lose weight with high protein foods

Recent research has demonstrated that eating a high protein diet can help you lose weight because high protein foods satiate hunger better than carbs or fats can. What Research Shows About High Protein Foods According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the participants reported less hunger, higher satisfaction as well as weight loss when the… Read more »

Taking diet pills is the answer to weight loss?

If you look around your local drug stores, online and in mailing advertisements you will see that one of the biggest items being pushed are slimming pills. Each year a new product comes on the market that promises amazing results. Do not get sucked in. These products should be avoided like the plague. What is in most of them are… Read more »

Food-Pyramid – not needed any more?

After almost a decade of people in America being advised to follow dietary guidelines as laid down by the United States Government, a new study is now terming them to be obsolete. The study in ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ states that the food pyramid if followed is not able to maintain the right nutrient levels in our body. The… Read more »

The Dukan diet – another protein diet

For the past few years the only explanation that people had about the toned bodies of French people when compared to the Americans was their use of wine and olive oil. But more than these two characters, it’s the revolutionary diet programme that the French seem to be following that’s keeping the fat off their body. The Dukan diet which… Read more »

Beware of “healthy” high calorie food when on a diet

It is very difficult to identify healthy food. Some foods are easy to identify such as the broccoli are healthy to eat whereas the doughnuts are not. However, there are many foods in the ‘gastronomical gray area’. So the questions that very often come to our minds are- Is eating yogurt healthy? What about fruit juice and wheat bread? Is… Read more »