Fat Loss Diets – Are You Burning Out?

Very often, fat loss diets cause people to lose motivation to stick to their healthy eating plan. They eliminate every single shred of unhealthy food from their kitchen, sticking to a strict diet of lean protein, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and loads of fluids.

Their first day seem to past by successfully. No hunger pangs, no incessant cravings. They think they can stick to the diet changes they’ve made over a long period of time, enabling them to lose weight.

However, as a couple of days pass, they start to crave foods that they have been eating for months and months. They yearn for chips, ice cream and chocolate eclairs. This urge becomes stronger and stronger and soon, they are eating all the bad foods once again.

This brings me to the first rule of fat loss diets. This article is a piece of great fitness advice for women and men, as long as you have attempted to go on fast weight loss programs or diet.

Do not quit cold turkey

We all tend to abuse a certain type of food. For me, I have a huge weakness for potato chips.

First of all, understand that it is not wrong to have such cravings. Instead of totally denying yourself, make sure you make positive changes to the amount of oily food you consume, for example.

For me, if I have one bag of chips per week, I could try to cut it down such that I have a bag every fortnight. I will then try to stick to this diet change for a couple of weeks, before making another change.

Notice that I did not try to completely deny myself from eating chips the next day. I give myself time to adjust. I start making small, incremental changes.

This is one rule that many people do not follow. You might think that you have the perseverance, but the hunger pangs that will affect you in days to come will be severe.

This is one major reason why people fail in sticking to their fat loss diets. Make small changes, stick to them for some time before making further progress. Your body will thank you, and you will be encouraged to keep up with your weight loss goal!

Following Unhealthy Fat Loss Diets

One of the major fitness myths is that you should eliminate certain food groups from your body to lose weight. A certain diet might tell you to avoid fruits, another says that carbohydrates are bad, and so on.

In reality, your body needs every single food group, to ensure that it has enough nutrients to run efficiently. If you deny your body protein, your muscles will deteriorate and your skin will look dull.

Carbohydrates is important to give your body energy for your daily activities. Fibre ensures that your bowels are removed easily. You get the picture don’t you? (:

If your body is denied of one nutrient, you’re going to experience lethargy, depression and a whole series of other unwanted illnesses.

My advice to you: if the diet you intend to follow suggests you to stop eating a certain type of food group, it would be best for you to stop that diet altogether. Nothing pleasant will result from it, trust me on that.

Final Words

Does this mean that you cannot lose weight easily? Unfortunately, no. However, if you are willing to put in effort to make some changes to your diet and exercise regularly, you will definitely succeed.

The reason why many people fail is because they refuse to give themselves enough time to see results. The moment someone realizes that his or her weight has not budged in a couple of weeks, they give up and go back to improper eating habits.

Be patient and keep improving your diet and physical fitness. You will start to enjoy the results of your effort very soon. If you do need more hand-holding, do consider my weight loss coaching programme.

It might not be easy, but it can be done with motivation and proper knowledge and skills. Good luck!