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Guide to Dental Whitening

Over the last decade, tooth whitening has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure in North America. Someone who is new to the tooth whitening process will likely have many questions before agreeing to have his/her teeth whitened. Listed below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about having teeth whitened – including ballpark costs, treatment options, and… Read more »

Hair Removal Methods

Many individuals are looking for hair removal methods in order to look and feel more attractive. There are several different options for individuals who are looking to do this. The options include: shaving, the physical removal of hair, and the use of creams or products designed to eliminate hair. Hair Removal Methods The first option available to those who want to remove… Read more »

Back Hair Removal

I have found in my experience that the best back hair removal has been either the Veet: Spray On Removal Cream (not only is it does it remove hair without cutting/waxing it painfully, but it also leaves your skin moisturized as it has aloe vera & vitamin E) or Nair Hair Remover Lotion: for Body (same reason). Back Hair Removal I’m really… Read more »

Hair Removal For Women

Hair removal for women is an extremely large industry in this day and age. With increasing pressure to look more socially acceptable, women are becoming more and more self-conscious about unwanted facial and body hair. For some women, this excessive hair is hereditary, caused by a medical condition, or sometimes related to their ethnic heritage. The hair women are usually concerned… Read more »

Body Hair Removal

When it comes to body hair removal, there are several different methods available to choose from. The most common method used by both men and women is shaving. This process does not actually remove the hair, but rather cuts it to a level even with the skin’s surface so it appears to be gone. The drawback to this method is that… Read more »

Bad acne general information

Understanding the root cause of a problem is the best way to treat it. Bad acne starts just under the skin, in the hair follicle pores. There are many myths out there suggesting that acne is caused by eating chocolate, greasy food, and some that even suggest masturbation leads to acne. You can discount all these myths right now because there is… Read more »

Acne redness treatment options

If you’re dealing with a lot of acne, you may be noticing a lot of redness or inflamed areas. Acne redness happens because the area of skin where acne is occurring becomes inflamed. The area of skin may be either irritated or scarred. The redness caused by acne may be unsightly sometimes and very irritating because of that reason. People… Read more »