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Part 3: Garden Projects for Vegetarian Kids

In the garden, when children tire from picking off Japanese Beetles or plucking weeds, perhaps you will want to try one of these fun projects: Japanese Garden Beetle * Take a close look at the soil What is the soil made of? Who live there? Older children especially, enjoy learning how a soil test works. Collect soil samples from different parts… Read more »

Why Vegetarians Are Smarter Than Average Meat-Eaters

  Vegan—Kathy Abernathy says, “No worried….I grow my own healthy food” Vegetarians are very smart people. Not only because they actually are doing their humane part to save animals from slaughter, but also because so many are now producing their own healthy food.   “Smart” because they stopped trusting and depending on government agencies and their co-conspirators within the global… Read more »

How to Profit From Your Vegetarian Garden

If you are a land owner who has been feeling the adverse effects of the sinking economy, this article is for you. Whether you only have backyard, or own 1,000 plus acres of   From Your Winter Garden Green House prime real estate, now you can turn it into a nice, profitable garden for very little money. And, if your… Read more »

Space Saving Hydroponic Gardening For Vegetarians

If you are a health-minded vegetarian who is looking for a perfect alternative to eating dangerous GMO toxins and poisonous chemical-soaked produce, hydroponic gardening is the ultimate solution. And, with hydroponic gardening, growing an abundanceof vegetarian cuisines can be accomplished without having to buy acres of land and expensive tractor equipment for cultivation. Indeed, it can easily be done in… Read more »

Vegetarian Hydroponic Gardening For Beginners

If you are a do-it-yourself vegetarian gardener—a vegetarian who insists on eating only healthy vegetables and avoiding GMO poisoned produce, today’s feature presentation will be of great interest to you. It was brought to our attention by one of our subscribers, many of our valued subscribers may not understand exactly what hydroponic gardening is or how to get started growing… Read more »

Vegetarian Money Saver Garden

Everybody is looking for ways to save money thesedays. What if you could spend about $150 for food one time and then eat as much and as often as you want —- for the rest of your life— FREE?   Interested? Good. Here we will explain how you can eat super healthy food for about the price of one grocery… Read more »

Eggplant, the Burger Lovers Delight

Who would have ever thought that an eggplant could become so popular or be so delicious when it’s pressed into a burger? This is one food all vegans and vegetarians should know about! First, let us describe what an eggplant is and why it is so healthy for those vegetarians who might know it by another name. Eggplant–also know as… Read more »