Space Saving Hydroponic Gardening For Vegetarians

If you are a health-minded vegetarian who is looking for a perfect alternative to eating dangerous GMO toxins and poisonous chemical-soaked produce, hydroponic gardening is the ultimate solution.

And, with hydroponic gardening, growing an abundanceof vegetarian cuisines can be accomplished without having to buy acres of land and expensive tractor equipment for cultivation. Indeed, it can easily be done in the smallest of spaces with minimal equipment and skill.


In this issue’s feature presentation video we will see the creation of a vertical hydroponic garden which is perfect for handy-man vegetarians. Certainly there are as many ways to build and grow a vertical hydroponic garden as there are elbows in the world, but not all of them are custom built to fit inside a Winter Green House.

You are about to be introduced to the perfect hydroponic gardening system that can grow more delicious, healthy food year round than you could could possibly eat in your own greenhouse—or outside if you prefer.

The object of this particular garden presentation is so you can see how to set up and grow your healthy vegetable garden–a garden that produces only the healthiest food year round, even in the dead of winter.

And, the best time to set up your winter garden is now while the weather is warm and comfortable. Hydroponic gardening offers perhaps the best money saving food supply you can get without sacrificing valuable space or many hours of your labor.

In the following video, Mark, ( out the wood he used to build his vertical garden stand. While Mark suggest using red wood or cedar for the stand construction, fact is, it can also be build using any scrap lumber you may already have on hand. Or any you can find, for that matter.

Any combination of woods will work fine. He suggested cedar and redwood mostly because of their aesthetic properties.

Building this particular hydroponic garden is best suited for those who posses basic hand tool skill–or for those who wish to learn how.

Here is the video

All the commonly used construction materials needed for building this great, space saving hydroponic garden, can readily be purchased in nearly any lumber yard or hardware store for around $75-$100.

There is no special equipment to order or strange and expensive components to buy.

And, by planting Heirloom seeds in your garden, you can harvest the seeds and plant them year after year. In other words, using Heirloom Organic seeds you only need to buy seed one time. From then on, just harvest the seeds from your crops and keep planting them each year. Organic Heirloom seeds are hardy and durable. They will grow more food than you could possible eat in three life times!

And, if you are looking for the perfect Winter Green house, here is our recommendation.