Tips to combat Your Organic Garden Pests

The most obvious one is when you come across small groups of aphids; you can squash them with your gloved fingers or wash them off with a blast of water from your hose, if you have one. You should do this early in the day, which allows the plants time to dry. This should be done every two or three days. Once knocked off, they seldom return.

Garden pests are attracted to any soft leafy growth. By ensuring that your plants and vegetables have proper organic compost around allowing for strong and healthy growth, this will help deter the pests. If you have to buy fertiliser, make sure it is organic.

From May/June onwards, when your local temperature reaches around 14c, introduce Lacewing to your garden, as aphids are a good source of food for them. Each female lacewing is capable of laying around 300 eggs and each of its developing larvas will eat anything from 1000 to 10,000 aphids in its lifetime. This will not eradicate them all but will keep them under control.

Ladybirds can be introduced to your garden to help with the control of these pests. These can be brought online. Simply introduce to plants heavily infested with aphids and they will soon get to work, Of course, there is nothing to stop them flying off to other gardens but in the short term they will stay where the food is.

There are other natural predators that all gardens have such as bats, beetles, birds, earwigs, spiders and wasps, all of which play a part in the controlling of your gardens pests. If you want more birds in your Organic Garden, put out a bird table and a water bath! Both of which you can make yourself.

You can help make your garden as friendly a place as possible for various creatures just by avoiding harmful sprays. Also consider certain flowers such as alyssum, calendula, daisy, marigolds, sunflower, or dill, which naturally attract the insects that eat the pests. For these insects to survive they need the pests that are in your garden, such is the circle of life.

Also consider planting peppermint or spearmint as they naturally deter aphids as well as ants. Plant them throughout your garden to help keep them away.

You may be surprised to learn that ants do not like cucumbers, specifically cucumber peels. So if you want to get rid of them Just spread some cucumber peels around your garden as well as where the ants enter your home.

Crawling pests do not like garlic so by crushing and grinding this up with water, just spray it around your Organic Garden every now and again to keep them away!

Nature does have a wonderful way of helping you out because as and when your pest problem peaks it will always attract the insects that can best control them. Everything you do will be an added advantage in this control.

Remember, there is no short-term solution to garden pests only a good structured plan to control and or limit them by taking small but continuous action.