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Tested chemical aphrodisiacs and their effects

According to many cultures and civilizations the amount of foods that are considered to have sexual arousal properties are many, and vary from place to place. Though there are a few foods listed as containing Aphrodisiac properties around the world, one of these particular foods is chocolate. This particular food was used by the Aztecs as a present to their… Read more »

What aphrodisiac fruit increase sexual appetite?

What is an aphrodisiac? It is any factor that increases the sexual appetite. The name is an orientation of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love that arose from the bubbles of the sea when the god Cronos killed and castrated her father, throwing his genitals into the ocean. Stories and myths from the past have told us of different plants,… Read more »

Aphrodisiac aromatherapy

The main purpose of Aromatherapy has always been, since really early times, to affect the senses in ways that will enhance personal qualities and also happen to improve health and other aspects in the lives of men and women, nowadays it might even be used as an Aphrodisiac. Besides the common objectives this kind of therapy has, like achieving a… Read more »

What are aphrodisiacs, why people use them

Hmmm…aphrodisiacs…I think the topic is so interesting that I can’t stop writing articles about it. Many people, even in the ancient centuries, have used different elements as aphrodisiacs with the intention of increasing their libido and improving their sexual stimulation and satisfaction. Aphrodisiacs seem to work great, especially some of them, and have given people the possibility of enhancing their… Read more »

Sense Stimulation Works as Aphrodisiac

The basic stimulation of the five senses is a necessary and important stage of our development, sadly this stage of blissful activity, touching different materials, looking at new images and colors, listening to new sounds and smelling delightful and familiar aromas, is put to a stop eventually in our lives. Even if there is no way of actually finding hundreds… Read more »

Alcohol and recreational drugs tested!

People have always looked for ways to enhance their sexual lives since the beginning of time, either through certain foods that carry the afford mentioned properties or by animal parts that because of some sort of resemblance to a part of the human body are supposed to help with this kind of endeavor. The actual properties of these foods have… Read more »