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A love aphrodisiac is the best way

I used to get very hard only with thinking about my girlfriend however recently I have not been very successful at getting erections maybe because I have been very stressed out at work or maybe because I do just not want my girlfriend anymore. Anyways I am incredibly glad that the remedy that I bought turned out to be a top… Read more »

What is Aphrodisiac Drug good for?

All throughout history there are reports of various foods, drinks that are considered Aphrodisiac. But what is an aphrodisiac really? Drug that are said to naturally increase sexual arousal in humans. An Aphrodisiac Drug is a substance that is reported to raise libido by taste, by smell or from an Aphrodisiac Drug. There are several natural top aphrodisiacs that appear… Read more »

The history behind food aphrodisiacs

The countless medicines that exist today have been made by different trial and error procedures, some work for many and some work just for a few, but still, without this almost perpetual procedure of testing substances, guided sometimes by cognitive procedures, almost no one would know what flavors do they like, what meds actually cure their headaches, and even what… Read more »

List of aphrodisiacs and why aphrodisiac drugs

We all have probably heard about a list of what is an aphrodisiac, or even used them before having sex with someone… the truth about what is an aphrodisiac in this article and you will stop having doubts about them and I will provide you with a list of aphrodisiacs, some of them famous, some of them not so famous,… Read more »