The history behind food aphrodisiacs

The countless medicines that exist today have been made by different trial and error procedures, some work for many and some work just for a few, but still, without this almost perpetual procedure of testing substances, guided sometimes by cognitive procedures, almost no one would know what flavors do they like, what meds actually cure their headaches, and even what foods work to entice their sexual lives.

Aphrodisiac food recipes are known far and wide, they come from all over the world, and are often reserved for suggesting food that has bright lustful colors or other suggestive forms.

The first apparitions of sexually suggestive foods and Aphrodisiac Recipes came from the Greek civilization, the Romans however took the knowledge of the Greeks in this area and many more and made them their own. The presence of food and the usefulness it might have when sexual stimulation is addressed has always been subject of debate, even if the one of the most popular phrases on earth actually refer to this specific statement,

“The way to lover’s heart is through their stomach”. The simple acknowledgement of food being a great way to gain someone’s affection is a place to start.

In the case of Asian cultures few make use of the food in such a suggestive way as the Japanese, they have been famous for many reasons, one of them being the tea ceremony, women are the ones in charge of serving the hot tea and men of enjoying the experience. Though this is just one example, recipes to win the affection of partners throughout the past have been very famous, and if not for their Aphrodisiac properties, one might try them at least for their delicious taste.

Most food that is considered Aphrodisiac has a tender consistency, when it comes to taste they can either be sweet, like the case of chocolate and figs both considered to have Aphrodisiac properties, or they can turn out to be salty, like oysters and shrimp. The particular attraction that should be looked for in any Aphrodisiac Food Recipe is the presence of warmth, sweetness, softness of spiciness that may cause welcoming sensations throughout the body of a partner.

Sea food has been a very popular candidate for centuries, as well as fruits like strawberries and cherries, but perhaps the true enticing qualities of food lay in the fact that eating something of delightful taste provokes pleasure and a sense of warmth. No matter the Aphrodisiac properties a certain food might be said to have, the pleasurable sensations that come through eating are always welcomed and could lead to other unforgettable experiences.