Patio Furniture Set

Selecting the right Patio Furniture Set for your home

So, you’re looking for a nice patio furniture set

More now than ever before the patio is becoming known as an outside room – an area to relax, drink in the fresh air and spend time with family and friends. When it comes to buying a patio furniture set for your outdoor area, think about the colors and styles that appeal to you and consider the overall look you would like to achieve – just as you would for any other room in the home. Remember to be flexible so that you can change your look from season to season! This will help you find the right patio set for your needs.

Some things to think about before buying

Before you buy a patio furniture set, consider your budget, for what purpose people will be using the furniture and how often it will be used. The durability of the patio set is important as you need a setting that will wear well if you don’t have anywhere to store it in the winter months.

Solid wood or resin coated wicker will provide years of use, whereas low cost plastic chairs may only last one season. If you have to leave items in the garden all year, protect them from the elements with specially designed patio covers that are available for a range of items including chairs, benches, tables, BBQs, heaters and gazebos. It is important that you take care of your patio set.

Ask yourself how many people will be using the patio furniture set, as this will help you decide how many tables and chairs to purchase. And if you need a fair size number but your patio covering is small, you might also need to purchase other items such as umbrellas and gazebos for creating shade when the tables and chairs are placed on the lawns.

Don’t forget to have fun accessorizing your outdoor furniture too. Consider the texture of the outside of your house, the style of foliage in your garden and the color of any flowering shrubs and plants. This will help you to determine what style of cushion and throw rug fabrics you can add to your patio furniture set. By keeping your furniture style simple and no fuss, you have the freedom to add color, texture and theme to your new outdoor entertaining area.

A word about your investment

The level of investment will depend entirely on what you want to buy, you can buy small patio furniture sets made up of a round bistro-style table and four lightweight chairs for $150-200 and you can pay up to and over $3000. A general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for.