Where to Get Organic Gardening Seeds

Organic gardening seeds are offered in the garden supply market, or you can get them from your previously planted crops or you can ask for it from gardener friends. Whatever ways you obtain it just make sure that it is fit for organic gardening.

From humble beginnings of Organic Garden Seeds to a bountiful produce

Organic garden seeds are available for purchase at the garden supply store or you can gather them from your previously harvested plants.  If you are new to organic gardening then you can either choose to buy seed or seedlings. Although a seedling is a safer option but you’re not sure if it was grown organically, unlike when you start from seeds wherein you’ll have total control over your plants from the beginning until it is ready for harvesting.

For those who have an established garden already, you can obtain organic garden seeds form your previous crops. Once you see the seed pod turns brown and die then you can remove it from the plant. Place the pods in a tray or wax paper. Allow the seeds to dry before storing it. Put the seeds in an envelope and then label it. Never store your seeds in anything plastic. This might cause it to sweat thus will germinate preemptively. You can also collect seeds from fruit bearing produce such as tomatoes. This is easier than collecting from pods; you simply have to take away the seeds from ripe fruits and then let it dry completely.

Do not use seeds from fruits which you have bought in the market, chances are these are not grown from organic gardens, they may even be genetically modified or grafted. If you want to grow all-organic, buy your organic garden seeds from trusted garden supply stores or you can get it from previous crops or you can asks from some seeds from friends who are also into organic gardening.

In planting your organic garden seeds, you can either choose to plant them in a container or you can directly sow them into the ground. Utmost care is needed in germinating seeds, too much or too little of any of the essentials for it to grow will cause it not to sprout.

Before you plant your seeds, make some research on whether your chosen seed will thrive in your location. Check your living condition and choose seeds that will definitely be successful growing in your area.

When the first harvesting time has come, look out for seeds which you can use for the next season. As I’ve said earlier, you can either collect it from seed pod or ripe fruit seed. Rotate your crops to make viability of having a healthy produce when you plan for the next planting season.