Tested chemical aphrodisiacs and their effects

According to many cultures and civilizations the amount of foods that are considered to have sexual arousal properties are many, and vary from place to place. Though there are a few foods listed as containing Aphrodisiac properties around the world, one of these particular foods is chocolate.

This particular food was used by the Aztecs as a present to their gods, and the European countries have used it and perfected chocolate making techniques for many years. The ability of chocolate to make people feel better almost the instant they ingest a piece is due to one particular chemical that has amazing properties, this chemical is called Phenylethylamine and it is one of the chemicals that are related to the pleasurable sensations that result from the ingestion of chocolate. Apart from the Phenylethylamine, there is another chemical that may result in the exquisite feeling of pleasure, it is not related to chocolate though, but it can still deliver the same good sensations chocolate does, this chemical is known as Melanotan 2, the byproduct that was obtained out of it is called Bremelanotide, and is more commonly used as an Aphrodisiac.

All the chemicals mentioned before, Phenylethylamine, Melanotan 2, and Bremelanotide have gone through copious clinical studies and are actually known to increase in one way or another the sexual response of most of the experiment subjects in the trials. In the specific case of Bremelanotide, the drug is being considered, after extensive experimentation with it, to be an actual shot at obtaining a treatment for a big amount of illnesses or conditions, amongst them Sexual Arousal Disorder and the commonly known Erectile Dysfunction. In the less known Sexual Arousal Disorder, the chemical Phenylethylamine may play a part by inducing the patient into sexual arousal after the complete and total lack of the same, this condition can be caused by depression and other mental and physical illnesses.

The first advances of the drug called Bremelanotide gave some discouraging information about the secondary effects of the chemical in the human system, this due to the fact that the substance was applied through a nose inhaling device, the inhaling process seemed to be a trigger for high blood pressure, hence this option was completely discarded, in early 2009 studies the high blood pressure disappeared after changing the form in which the medicine was administered and successfully turned the illness into a thing of the past. While actual medication has been developed to treat conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction, probably very soon new and better alternatives might be available.

Every existing chemical, when introduced in the body might have some desired actions, while it also might have other secondary effects that could or could not affect people in particularly uncomfortable ways. Phenylethylamine, Melanotan 2, and Bremelanotide look like excellent alternatives now, and while the studies keep making breakthroughs more information will be available, still, at the moment there is hope to those who are seeking a particular substance that will always work as an Aphrodisiac in the mythic sense of the word.