Sense Stimulation Works as Aphrodisiac

The basic stimulation of the five senses is a necessary and important stage of our development, sadly this stage of blissful activity, touching different materials, looking at new images and colors, listening to new sounds and smelling delightful and familiar aromas, is put to a stop eventually in our lives. Even if there is no way of actually finding hundreds of new aromas, sensations or other stimulant objects, it is fairly easy to keep the brain working by creating something called sense memory.

The five senses are actually main tools in the recollection of positive or negative memories, this particular information stored and acquired by our perception is then related to events, places and many other memories that will be gradually stored within our head. Memories will determine the reaction several sensations and courses of action in different repetitive situations, this can be easily applied to sexual intercourse, and the five sense stimulation can become an actual Aphrodisiac.

First of all, creating a sense based memory has to be a priority, using a certain scent, or dressing in a certain color every time that sexual intercourse is going to take main stage is a way o letting your partner know that certain elements are directed toward certain activities. It is also very important to know that certain senses are more easily aroused than others, also that some senses have a closer connection to the brain and hence are more effective when creating sense based memories.

One of the most effective senses to create memories and attach them to certain events is the sense of smell. Since the actual Olfactory Receptor is located nearest to the brain, it becomes easier to attach memories and smells together, binding is more efficient and it also happens to be a particular element that is almost always present either in the places, people or objects that form part of our memories.

Still, even if the sense of smell is the easiest to use in order to create memories, the other senses should not be forgotten when it comes to experiences like intercourse, hence the stimulation of other senses like touch, sight and hearing are highly important. Creating a completely enticing ambient with a careful attention to detail is one key element, since stimulating all the senses possible will result in a more complete and clear memory.

The ambient itself can be created by candles to stimulate olfactory nerves, as well as decoration for sight stimulation, one excellent way to also improve the content of stimulation, but in order to keep the experience from overwhelming, could be that instead of using music to stimulate using words and sighs might happen to be an excellent and even better alternative to this improve this particular sense. The five senses offer limitless stimulating possibilities, and can be used all together in order to achieve that Aphrodisiac properties so many search for in all the wrong places.