Free Exercise Tips – Who Doesn’t Want Them?

I hope you benefit from the free exercise tips that I’m going to be sharing with you! 😀

Tips Before Exercising

Free Exercise Tips 1: Warm Up Before Stretching

The thinking that many people have is to stretch before warming up. This is actually false. You should warm up first, either by jogging, doing jumping jacks and so on to warm up the muscles.

Once the muscles are warmed up, only then should you begin stretching. Stretching your muscles when they are cool only increases risks of muscle tears and strains.

Tips During Your Workout

Free Exercise Tips 2: Do Your Repetitions Slowly

Every time you start a work out, be sure to carry out each attempt slowly. The reason why this is so, is because doing repetitions slowly help to train the muscles even more. Slow movements really help to target the muscles involved in a particular exercise.

Free Exercise Tips 3: Go For Quality, Not Quantity

Pushing yourself to carry out five good repetitions is always much better than doing 15 poor ones. When you do them poorly, your muscles hardly do any work and you run the risk of getting injured.

Statistics show that the most common injuries are back pains, which result from poorly executed workouts. Therefore, do yourself and your body a favour and make sure that each rep counts!

Free Exercise Tips 4: Few Reps Help With Definition

Doing lesser reps but with more weights (if applicable) actually help sculpt your muscles. Therefore, if you are seeking muscle definition but have been doing lots of repetitions, you now know why you aren’t seeing much results.

Exercise Tip 5: More Reps Improves Strength

If you are seeking to improve your muscular strength and endurance, do more reps of each workout. It will also be good if you can increase the amount of weights (again, if applicable).

Exercise Tip 6: Keep Your Breathing Normal

No matter what people tell you, you should never hold your breath during any exercise. It does not help to make your workout any more effective.

Tips After Your Workout

Exercise Tip 7: Have Some Protein

After your workout, you should feed your muscle by having some protein in your diet. It is best if you can consume it half an hour to one hour after your workout.

The possibilities are endless. It can be a protein shake, turkey breast meat, scrambled eggs… Just be sure that they are healthy foods or your workout is completely wasted.

Exercise Tip 8: Don’t Forget Your Fluids

Your body loses a great deal of water during your workout, so do not leave your body craving for water. Lack of fluids after a workout can cause muscle strains and cramps, and they are not pretty!

Final Words

I hope that the tips you’ve picked up here have helped you to learn several things that you should or should not do before, during or after your workout.