Workout Journal

You might be puzzled – how can a workout journal help you succeed in achieving your fitness goals? I’m here to show you how important a workout journal is.

After reading this, I hope you will invest in a little book that is bound to help you improve your fitness and keep you motivated towards exercise.

How Do You Use A Workout Journal?

You should write whatever that comes to mind about your fitness. Therefore, what you have in your diary is up to you. You definitely need to write about your goals in it.

I have a little book where I write my thoughts about exercise. It could be anything from fitness regimes that I created, to my aims. I also write about foods that I have too much of. This helps to remind me of what I have to cut down on.

Therefore, let your imagination flow. Write about what you achieved for that day. Write about what you could have done better. Managed to have only one slice of cheesecake for dessert instead of two? Great!

Little notes of progress go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

A Constant Reminder For You

Having a workout journal helps remind you of your aims in fitness. Do you honestly remember what were your New Year resolutions? I’ve forgotten them, in March!

The same goes for physical fitness. When you write in your journal faithfully, you are able to keep track of your goals, and make notes about your progress. Doing this actually helps you realize how much you have achieved, and shows how close you are to achieving your goal.

On top of that, it helps put your targets in perspective. If you target to lose 15 pounds in a month, but you realize that you simply do not have enough time to work out due to work commitments, you can choose to change it such that you aim to achieve it in 3 months.

A workout journal helps you set realistic benchmarks for yourself so that you won’t lose heart. Besides that, you can also make your goals tougher because you are achieving your initial goals much sooner!

Be A Morale Boosting Read!

There are times when you and I just want to yank our hair and say that we’ve had enough. You just want to give up! You hate exercising!

When you start thinking such negative thoughts, is the time you took a look at all your previous posts and remind yourself of how much you have achieved in such a short period of time. Trust me, realizing that you can do 10 more push ups now can be an amazing feeling!

Reminding yourself of the little victories you have achieved will ensure that you stay positive and forge ahead. Writing in a journal can help you with that.

Final Words

Have you ever had some things that you guarded fiercely? Secrets about your past, something you did, a loved one you could not have… We all hide certain things, to protect ourselves, because we fear of being embarrassed if they truth got out.

A workout journal can help you deal with the issues you are embarrassed with about physical fitness. I was embarrassed to tell anyone that I actually like working out at home. Therefore, having a scrapbook where I wrote about my achievements was cleverly tucked into the corner of a bookcase.

I kept changing locations, now I can’t remember where I kept that book. I started it 8 years ago! It will be nice to see what I’ve written inside it, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon, unless I do a major spring cleaning of my entire house!

Use your workout journal like I have, by treating it like a friend and companion. It can be a great boost to your motivation to exercise.

I wish you success!