Exercises to get a bigger chest

Question: I am 15 and I want to know what exercises I can do to get a larger chest. Currently, I’ve been doing push ups every day and I heard that it is effective, however, are there any other exercises that I can do to broaden my chest?

On top of that, I’ve looked at some of your workout routines and noticed that you suggest alternating workouts for upper body and lower body. I do push ups every day without fail, so is this bad?

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I think you should understand that you are still young and your muscles are still growing and developing. It is very unlikely that you will remain the same size a year or two later as you will grow broader chest and shoulders and add more muscles.

This is all thanks to puberty and the natural process of boys progressing to men. It starts when we’re 13 and doesn’t stop until 21. Therefore, while I understand your insecurities, you should not fret over it too often.

However, the best thing anyone of us can do is be prepared, and you did a good job of that, by training and doing push ups every day. While push ups is a great exercise, doing it every single day might be pushing your body too much.

Our bodies, just like everything else, need to take a break once in a while. Therefore, on one day, do push ups (trains your upper body). Tomorrow, do something for your lower body, like sprints, squats or go jogging to train your lower body muscles as well.

This ensures that you train your entire body, but at the same time, provide a sufficient break time for your muscles to recuperate and recover.

Another great exercise you can do for your chest is pull up. This is an incredible workout for your chest, shoulders, arms and back and give you huge muscle gains if you eat right and workout regularly.

Do not fret too much about your body. You seem to be an exercise enthusiast, and I’m sure in a year or two when your body starts bulking up you will look great. Just be sure to eat right and continue staying motivated to exercise and you will definitely succeed.

Good luck!