Having Fun With Your Chicken Coops

Reasing chickens can be fun. When you have grown up with them, you would know the kind of creatures they are and you will realise what fun they can be. It is even more so if they have their own chicken coop. It is also called a hen house, because the majority of residents are hens with one or two cocks hanging around. The fewer cocks there are the fewer fights you will have. One should be sufficient.

You can raise them as poultry, but you might also want to raise them as pets especially if you are vegetarian. If you rear them as pets they are even more enjoyable. For them it is a necessity to have their own home as they can be a bit messy as indoor pets.
The best is to build them a really lovely and practical home. It is also great if you can add a chicken run for them. That way they can be free and still have the protection they need and they do love to run around and scratch about.

They need protection against predators even if you do live in an urban environment. Dogs will try some chicken cuisine, especially if they themselves do not have homes. Cats could help themselves to some chicks and that goes for owls as well.

Your coop must include perches, because they love sitting high up to sleep. They enjoy building their own nests, but you can build it for them (out of straw) in which to lay their eggs. The best way to protect them against predators is to place the coop on stilts. They could have a little staircase to the entrance which in turn can become an afternoon resting spot.
The size of the hen-house will depend entirely on how many of chickens you want to keep. If they are in your backyard you do not need to have a large number as the space is a bit cramped. Your backyard is also a good place to let them out as opposed to a chicken run as they can assist with getting rid of unwanted insects and snails.

Many chicken coops are built for all and sundry to live together. The result is that when chicks are hatched, they sometimes get trampled, get hurt and eventually die as they are very frail when young. A coop with a section for the hen and chicks to be kept is a very good idea for the purpose of safety for the chicks.

Your coop should also take into consideration what the weather is like where you live. The chickens do not like too hot, too cold or too damp weather. They enjoy light so a few windows to let in light and some sunshine would be great. Fresh water and fresh feed should always be available. If your chickens are your pets they need your attention and it is best to not have automatic feeders, but to feed them yourself daily. This should also be taken into consideration if you build yourself a chicken coop.