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Do crunches burn calories?

Question: I was wondering if you could possibly explain how many crunches do I need to do to lose weight. For instance, how many crunches do I need to do before I can burn 200 calories? This can help me to tailor a plan for weight loss. Besides crunches, what other exercises can I do to burn fat from my… Read more »

Exercising is easy thanks to you!

Comment: I feel SO motivated to exercise when I read through your Weight Loss Programme! It’s quite ingenious, I must say, just doing lunges and pushups and planks… I feel like I can totally lose weight now because you make it sound so easy! I must say that I do have a chronic weight problem and motivation is a KEY factor why… Read more »

Is my choice of exercise helpful to shed excess fat?

Question: I have a problem with weight issues. I have fat legs and arm and belly fat too. I really want to work on removing this because I believe that it can be a boost to my self-confidence. However, despite exercising and dieting, it doesn’t seem to be making much improvement. However, I understand that this could be due to… Read more »

Recovery period after doing pull ups

Question: I am 18 this year and I do about 30-40 pull ups every night before I go to bed. I don’t seem to be able to hit a number that is higher than 40 and I am wondering whether this is due to a lack of rest, since I do this every single night without fail. If the lack… Read more »

I am overweight, please help

Question: I am severely overweight. I weigh about 200 pounds and I really hate the extra pounds. I read your site and I now know that there is no hard and fast rule to losing weight but I want to know what can I do to start my journey in weight loss. I love myself but I know that I… Read more »

Can push ups help remove fats from my arm?

Question: I was wondering if I could simply do muscle toning exercise like push ups to remove the fat from my arms? Similarly, can I do squats to remove fat from my leg? How else can I go about removing the fat in these two problematic areas of mine? I hope you can help me as I will be greatly… Read more »