I want to achieve my dream body

Question: I want to achieve my dream body in one month

I want to be fit and toned in one month. In order to achieve this, I have decided to go to a gym 6 days a week for an hour each time. Is this enough to reach my goal?

What else can I do to ensure that I can attain the body that I want in one month?


Unfortunately, without showing a picture of how your physique is like now, and a picture of your dream body, I cannot say for sure whether a time frame of one month is reasonable or too ambitious.

I will need to take into account your current fitness abilities and a lot of other factors before I can draw a proper conclusion.

The reason for this is because, if someone is overweight, and wants to have a lean and ripped body, he will need to take some time to engage in aerobic exercises to burn off the excess weight first before he can have a toned look.

Also, if someone has not been working out before this, he will need to spend some time adjusting to working out. He will need to acclimatize his muscles to exercise so as to prevent injuries.

Therefore, I hope this helps. In most cases, one month is actually too short for you to achieve something substantial with your fitness. I am not saying this to demoralize you, I just think that you should have a more reasonable aim so that you won’t burn out.

Also, pushing yourself to go to a gym 6 days a week for one hour is overdoing it. Your body needs to rest adequately to prevent your muscles from tensing up and getting injured.

You might be thinking that more time spent at a gym ensures your success but this is not true. You need to work smart as well, and this means working out at most 4 times a week at the gym. Interlace the 4 sessions with a one day break.

This will help you train and develop your muscles, as well as ensure that you have enough rest before you next gym session.

Besides that, please remember that you do not need to workout at a gym to achieve results. You can workout at home and still achieve the same results too. Thanks to body weight workout, you are not at a loss if your choice is to exercise at home.

I hate going to the gym to exercise since I prefer the comfort of being at home. Take this into consideration when you are planning your workout. If you feel that you won’t be able to concentrate with so many gym users around you, exercising at home may be a better option.

At the end of the day, it boils down to your personal preference.

I hope this helps. I know this might not be the answer you are seeking, but perhaps you could provide some more details about your current physique and what kind of look you are aspiring to achieve.

When you provide that, it is easier for me to give a more detailed analysis and advice. I wish you all the best.