Exercising is easy thanks to you!

Comment: I feel SO motivated to exercise when I read through your Weight Loss Programme! It’s quite ingenious, I must say, just doing lunges and pushups and planks… I feel like I can totally lose weight now because you make it sound so easy!

I must say that I do have a chronic weight problem and motivation is a KEY factor why I end up NOT exercising; I just can’t find it in me to! But just reading through your simple-yet-effective plan perks me up greatly!

I will be starting on your Weight Loss Programme from tomorrow and I will let you know how everything goes!

Thank you for helping me!


I’m glad to see that my site has had a positive effect on you and your motivation towards exercise. Yes, exercising is definitely easy, but unfortunately, many sources complicate things in a way the normal person doesn’t understand. They use complicated terms, jargons and exercise “lingo”, which I find truly unnecessary.

If you stick to the suggestions that I have outlined in my article about being motivated to exercise, you will find it much easier to stick to your fitness plan. Remember that it is easy, but achieving significant results will take some time and effort on your part.

You will need to be conscious of not just exercising but what you eat as well. I’m not saying that you need to starve yourself and follow crazy Hollywood diets. Instead, be vigilant of what you consume. Avoid sweet foods, foods high in sodium, oily food and so on. In the event that you realize you abuse something, lets say, french fries, don’t quit cold turkey.

What you should do instead, would be to slowly cut down on the amount you take everyday. Instead of having three servings, maybe just have 2 and stick to two servings for two weeks, before cutting down to one. The unfortunate thing is that, many think that they can suddenly eliminate that.

It’s like an individual who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, trying to quit by next Tuesday. Your body cannot survive cold turkey. You will binge even more when you lose the willpower, which you will.

Make small positive changes and your body will thank you.

I do hope that my advice has helped, and I wish you all the best. Do let me know your progress!