Back Hair Removal

I have found in my experience that the best back hair removal has been either the Veet: Spray On Removal Cream (not only is it does it remove hair without cutting/waxing it painfully, but it also leaves your skin moisturized as it has aloe vera & vitamin E) or Nair Hair Remover Lotion: for Body (same reason).

Back Hair Removal

I’m really not that self-consious about my body but I have always been so about my body hair, more particularly my back. It’s just because I have thick dark hair, and lots of it.Both these creams are the best back hair removal because they aren’t painful and they take less than 5 minutes. Just before I go to bed, I can put some on, then brush my teeth and all that good stuff, then just wipe it off and no hair is left. I love these lotions because I can do it the privacy of my own home; I used to have to have it waxed, which is extremely painful. I have also tried other lotions, but they either don’t work or leave my body stinging, rashes, etc.

I personally like the Veet: Spray on Removal Cream as one of my back hair removal methods because it doesn’t have a bad, strong smell to it, and because it’s spray on, I don’t have to lather cold cream on myself uncomfortably (or awkwardly). All you have to do is spray this on the desired area of your body (for me it’s my back) and spray (leave it for 5 minutes then wash off). You have to be careful you spray properly, and not in areas you don’t want to, and that’s basically it. Since I can’t see my back, it is a little hard to spray (if you are spraying your back, my tip is to just wear shorts and have your hair up) but I still love my Veet spray.

I also like the Nair Hair Remover Lotion: for Body because it’s easy and takes only 3 minutes. With Nair, all you have to do is squirt it out and rub it (a little goes a long ways) on the targeted area (like a back) then wait for about 3 minutes (yes, it is less than time than the Veet spray) and then wash it off. A tip: you want to be careful with the time it’s on depending on your skin (mine’s sensitive so I never leave it on too long) plus it does have quite a strong smell but it’s not too bad. That’s basically why it’s one of my prime back hair removal methods.

Back Hair Removal – The Conclusion

With these two products, I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth more than just hair removal. On top of that, they take little time, easy to use, and use aloe vera & vitamin E ( good for my skin). I have found these to be the best back hair removal treatments and I’m planning to continue using them for as long as I can.