Body Hair Removal

When it comes to body hair removal, there are several different methods available to choose from. The most common method used by both men and women is shaving. This process does not actually remove the hair, but rather cuts it to a level even with the skin’s surface so it appears to be gone. The drawback to this method is that it needs to be done on a regular basis to keep up the appearance of being free of hair. The advantage is that it is a relatively cheap method to use.

Body Hair Removal


The next most common type of body hair removal is through the use of depilatory creams. These creams contain ingredients that dissolve the surface hair in a certain amount of time. This method has somewhat longer lasting effects than shaving, but still needs to be done repeatedly in order to maintain a smooth hair free surface. The drawback to using these creams is the mess and time involved. Most creams need to remain on the skin for eight to ten minutes. This is also a fairly inexpensive method to use and can be performed at home.

Waking is another way to get rid of unwanted hair. This type of body hair removal can be performed at home or at a spa. This method involves using hot melted wax as the means to remove the hair. The hot wax is applied to the surface of the skin with strips of paper placed over it. When the wax hardens, the strips are pulled off the skin bringing the wax and the attached hairs with it. The obvious drawback to this procedure is the pain of having the wax and hair ripped from the skin. Even though it is a painful method of removal, both men and women use it because the length of time before the process needs to be performed again is very long.

People interested in permanent methods of body hair removal, will find two options available. The first option is known as electrolysis. This method uses a very small needle to burn each individual hair follicle separately through a small electric charge. This procedure is generally not painful, but takes an extremely long amount of time to complete. People who choose this procedure usually need to have several treatments to complete an entire area. Women often choose this method to get rid of facial hair.

Body Hair Removal – The Conclusion

The second method for getting rid of unwanted hair on a permanent basis is through a laser treatment. This method also burns the hair follicles using an intense beam of light. While electrolysis can be performed by trained professionals in a spa setting, laser treatments can only be performed by licensed physicians. This treatment does have some limitations in that it appears to work better on people with dark hair than on those with blond or white hair. This is due to the attraction the laser has to the pigment inside the follicle. In the category of body hair removal this procedure is the most expensive treatment available.