The Daily Schedule for Chicken Coops

Once you have your chicken coop up and running with chickens on the inside, then you are going to find that the daily chores for these chickens are just beginning. Most people do not realize just how much work that these chickens are going to be, but if they are ready to handle it they will find that the benefits that they get from this is great.

Every day, sometimes twice a day, depending on how vigilant that you want to be, you will want to take a walk to your coop and check on the health of the chickens. You will want to monitor the chickens to make sure that they are moving around and are healthy. If you find that a few chickens are not acting normal, then you should try to figure out why. In many cases it may be something simple as they are not getting enough water or food. However, if you find that you cannot figure out what it wrong, it is best to call the vet to see what they think so that you can avoid all the chickens getting sick.

During the daily visit the person will want to make sure that there is plenty of clean water in the coop. This can be eliminated by having a direct line hooked up to the chicken coop to ensure that there is always water in the waterers. The food is also something that the person is going to want to check on and make sure that it contains not dirt or debris in it, as chickens will not eat or drink something that is dirty, which can lead to sickness. Collecting eggs is done once a day, usually mid-morning for most people.

They are going to want to get these eggs and then store them in their refrigerator with the pointy side of the egg down. If you notice that the eggs look as though they are dirty, do not scrub them as this is taking out the layer that is keeping the eggs from being infected with bacteria that could cause issues.

You can let the chickens out during the day in which the weather is nice. When you do this, you must make sure that you put them back up at night. And most importantly, make sure that the door is latched properly so that the chickens cannot get out and the predators cannot get into the coop.

Taking care of chickens is a daily thing that cannot be ignored, however, they will find that it will only take a few minutes of their time to do so.