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Workout Journal

You might be puzzled – how can a workout journal help you succeed in achieving your fitness goals? I’m here to show you how important a workout journal is. After reading this, I hope you will invest in a little book that is bound to help you improve your fitness and keep you motivated towards exercise. How Do You Use A… Read more »

Finding the right personal trainer for You

People are creatures of habit.  When it comes to taking the plunge and beginning a fitness routine or joining a gym, you will likely find yourself starting out with exercises and equipment you are comfortable with or those exercises and pieces of fitness equipment which draw from your strengths.  Everyone has exercises and equipment that they are intimidated by.  Some… Read more »

Exercising in the Heat

Being outdoors in warm weather can be exhilarating, especially if you have spent months inside because of cold weather. Summer brings many opportunities to participate in physical activities and sports, as well as the daylight hours to enjoy these pursuits! However, understanding how to safely and effectively exercise in the heat is important. Here are some dos and don’ts to… Read more »

Prevention of illnesses

Ever wanted more reasons to exercise? Well, now you have possibly the best of them all! The craziest dream I ever had was to hold a conference to let people know that illnesses could be prevented by spending fifteen minutes to half an hour every day engaging in physical activities. Prevention is always better than cure. This is perhaps why I feel… Read more »

Will skipping help me to lose weight?

Question: I’m seeking to lose weight and have been doing skipping on a daily basis. I want to know whether this can help me to shed excess pounds from my body. If skipping is not an effective method of weight loss, could you perhaps suggest something else that can help me combat the excess pounds in my body? Answer: With… Read more »

Weight loss testimonials

Weight loss testimonials are seen everywhere on products that help you with weight loss, dieting and health. You see men and women who have lost a tremendous amount of weight, and how they achieved it using a particular product. This is why so many people buy products blindly – seeing such weight loss testimonials make them trust the product. Everyone… Read more »


This section on osteoporosis statistics will show you how devastating osteoporosis is. Osteoporosis is the second most common diseases in the world. The top spot goes to cardiovascular diseases – diseases involving the heart. Osteoporosis will affect a third of all women who are above fifty years old. This figure is greater than the number of women who suffer from… Read more »