Prevention of illnesses

Ever wanted more reasons to exercise? Well, now you have possibly the best of them all!

The craziest dream I ever had was to hold a conference to let people know that illnesses could be prevented by spending fifteen minutes to half an hour every day engaging in physical activities.

Prevention is always better than cure. This is perhaps why I feel that it is indeed one of the best reasons to exercise.

Most of the common illnesses that claim many lives in the world today like osteoporosis can actually be combated with a healthier and more active lifestyle. However, many people make a fatal mistake of starting to exercise a little too late.

For example, a person starts to go out for walks after he or she has been diagnosed with early stage diabetes.

Does Starting Late Means I Never Enjoy Any Benefits?

The answer is NO!

You can benefit from all the goodness that regular exercise has to offer, no matter when you start exercising. You will sleep better, have more confidence, enjoy a greater sex drive and a lot more.

Know Whether You Are At Risk

Do you sit down behind a desk all day? Can you remember the last time you had a proper workout? What do you regularly have for lunch?

Usually, if you have a desk-bound job and you seldom prepare your own meals, you are probably at risk. Lack of movement and physical activity from sitting down all day puts you at greater risk of various illnesses.

Eating poor meals can either cause you to have vitamin deficiencies or cause weight gain. This is most common if your job is purely computer work.

Don’t believe me? Step on a weighing scale! The numbers will speak for itself. Compare your weight now to your weight a few years back, or when you just entered the workforce. Another reason (on top of the MANY reasons to exercise) to start working up a sweat!

Alarm bells going off like crazy? Breathe.

You can do something about it. Even if you are embarrassed about your weight gain, know that you are actually DOING something about it, compared to others who are just sitting by.

Stop Making Excuses And Start Working Out

You have even more reasons to exercise now! On top of merely looking better and feeling great, you are reducing the risk of getting diseases that could destroy your life!

How Does Exercise Really Help Prevent Diseases?

Let’s take a look at some of the articles that I have wrote.

Exercise for Osteoporosis

One of the most common illness to strike the elderly, long term exercise can prevent this. Sadly, more and more younger people are being diagnosed with osteoporosis as well.

Exercise for Arthritis

Arthritis is another illness that the older people tend to suffer from. The number of teenagers who suffer from this illness is increasing significantly! Why?

Exercise for Diabetes

Our mothers warned us to never take too much sugary food. Is that why so many people are diabetic? Can it be simply blamed on a sweet tooth?

How can exercise help prevent diabetes?

Final Words

You now have even more reasons to exercise! I’m sure you and I both want to have healthy, fruitful lives. Let us try to keep illnesses at bay with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and regular exercise.

It can be done. Believe in that.