What are aphrodisiacs, why people use them

Hmmm…aphrodisiacs…I think the topic is so interesting that I can’t stop writing articles about it. Many people, even in the ancient centuries, have used different elements as aphrodisiacs with the intention of increasing their libido and improving their sexual stimulation and satisfaction. Aphrodisiacs seem to work great, especially some of them, and have given people the possibility of enhancing their sexual experiences with their partners in a very healthy way.

That is what I am going to talk about today in this article, about the importance and effectiveness of aphrodisiacs in people’s sexual lives. First of all I am going to start by saying that an aphrodisiac is a substance or activity that is supposed to amplify sexual interest and desire, and they have been used by many cultures throughout history.

Many substances have been used as aphrodisiacs, and some cultures have developed their own aphrodisiac rituals such as dances that draw attention to the beauty of women arousing the audience. It is important to mention the fact that the efficacy of diverse aphrodisiacs is a subject of debate, since scientific studies have been performed on these substances.

There is also a greater concern in regards to the problem that some aphrodisiacs, such as rhinoceros horns, are putting endangered animals at risk of extinction. The term “aphrodisiac” comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality and love, and the Greeks referred to sexual pleasure as aphrodisia, which refers to a substance that enhances sexual experiences to be known as aphrodisiacs in the end.

There are currently many modern foods that work as aphrodisiacs and have been treated like that since ancient times, which clearly illustrates a virtually universal interest in enhancing sexual experiences for human beings. We can mention different foods that have been said to work as aphrodisiacs, such as pineapples, bananas and berries, perhaps because they can be fed by hand during teasing games.

Moreover, many spices like nutmeg and ginger are considered aphrodisiacs, as they spice up a meal and proceedings which might follow. A very astonishing aphrodisiac is the avocado (never heard such thing…); the Nahuatl word for the avocado tree is ahuacuatl, meaning “testicle tree,” which makes reference to the suggestive shape of avocados on the branch.

Some other classic examples of aphrodisiacs include chocolate, licorice, honey, vanilla, wine, figs, anise, almonds, oysters, coffee, and truffles; some of these foods clearly have psychoactive effects, such as wine, and others have suggestive shapes, like figs, as well as many others of these foods were also exotic and expensive at one point in the cultures where they are used as aphrodisiacs, suggesting that displays of prosperity and power could be sexually stimulating for some people.

However, just for you to know, they also have intoxicating and compelling scents so you must be careful, as not all of these aphrodisiacs are safe. I forgot to mention other surprising aphrodisiacs such as arugula, garlic, mustard, and asparagus, so you can take those into consideration when you are grocery shopping.