What is Aphrodisiac Drug good for?

All throughout history there are reports of various foods, drinks that are considered Aphrodisiac. But what is an aphrodisiac really? Drug that are said to naturally increase sexual arousal in humans. An Aphrodisiac Drug is a substance that is reported to raise libido by taste, by smell or from an Aphrodisiac Drug.

There are several natural top aphrodisiacs that appear in plant form including fruits, vegetables and grains. Many herbs, roots, spices and Aphrodisiac Drug also are thought to contain substances that act as a natural top aphrodisiacs such as ginseng root, basil, garlic and ginger, just to name a few.

One of the mainly ordinary foods that have been reported to act as natural top aphrodisiacs is the ever famous oyster. The oyster has been used as a way of attractive sexual wish and still eaten daily in some parts of the world for this very reason.

Bananas are also thought to be natural top aphrodisiacs not only because of their phallic shape but because of their high potassium and vitamin B contents which are said to be necessary for the production of certain sex-related hormones and Aphrodisiac Drug.

The scent of cucumbers is a top aphrodisiacs, besides their phallic shape, has been known to stimulate women by increasing blood flow and increasing sexual desire. Some of these foods are thought to enhance one’s sexual desire either due to their combination of chemical properties, or their aroma or even simply their shape as with bananas and kiwi works as top aphrodisiacs.

Chocolate has too been related with romance and love dating as far back as the ancient Mayan ruler Montezuma. He was supposed to have consumed large quantities of chocolate in juice form on a daily basis to enhance his sexual abilities.

But modern research has proved that chocolate contains serotonin and phenylethylamine which are both top Aphrodisiac Drug found naturally within our bodies and produce that “feel good” sensation. This top Aphrodisiac Drug is released by our brain when we experience emotions like happiness or love as well as passion.

Quite a lot has been said as of late regarding the studies of human pheromones, their affect on our sexual desire and their ability to act as a natural Aphrodisiac Drug. The word pheromone is derived from the Greek words “pherein” and “hormone” which together mean “excitement carrier” in English.

In the animal world, pheromones have been known of for quite some time. It has been confirmed that animals possess individual scent “prints” that are found in sweat and urine which attract the opposite sex and dictate certain sexual behaviors.

Scientists exposed the existence of pheromones in humans in 1986 and have been studying them ever since. They have revealed that pheromones act as Aphrodisiac Drug signals and perform in a manner not unlike those of hormones. Pheromones can be used in convinced fragrances and perfumes to provide as an olfactory top aphrodisiac.

Quite credible studies have been manner with identical twins and the use of pheromones. Scientists have established that the twin who was sprayed with the scent that contained pheromones was accost by the opposite sex three times more than the twin who was sprayed with the same exact scent, but without the pheromones.