Benefits of a Fitness Partner

Does the thought of getting up off the sofa to do your workout clothes leave you feeling less than motivated? If so, maybe all you need is a fitness partner! While we  try to provide you with online motivation and support, you may need additional motivation by including a spouse, relative or friend into your fitness program.

Studies show that married couples who voluntarily begin a supervised fitness program are less likely to drop out than the married men and women who join without their spouses. Specifically, about half of the married “singles” who join alone, end up dropping out of a fitness program and women are twice as likely to drop out than men. Why? Both men and women report that family responsibilities and lack of spousal support are their main reasons for dropping out.

Perfectly understandable. However, we recommend the following solution. If you’re married, include your spouse in a fitness program. If you’re not married, find a relative or friend that will partner up with you.

A fitness partner will provide you with a support system and motivation that will foster adherence to your fitness program. It’s much easier to be enthusiastic about going for a walk or heading to the gym if you’ve got someone to go with you!