The natural way from impotence to strong erections

Sex is an important and inciting part in my life and I want to make sure that it will stay like this. I can bet you feel the same! But it seems that for a lot of men, even when the opportunities are more frequent or they are doing very well, the sexual system starts to shrink and sometimes it dies completely.

If it has ever happened that you couldn’t get or keep an erection, or you lost your sexual desire completely than you know how tormenting it is. In fact it is terrible. For decades men have felt miserable having these problems, hoping months after months that the situation get better, without knowing who could help.

When sex life starts fading in a man’s life, he feels like losing control, that he is not man enough any more, that he loses his minds for not being able to control his body, feeling that he can’t direct and manage his life.

These effects get worse and lead to anxiety, depression and incapacity to integrate into the interpersonal, social and business system. When this happens, men suffer and so do usually the persons close to them, specially their wives or girlfriends. The erection dysfunction succeeds in turning a lively man into a frustrated and anxious person.

When a failed erection occurs, a lot of men see in it a loss of their sexual abilities and virility, losing their self-respect fast. This sexual energy is very important to a man. By their nature, men are sexually active beings and we are among the very few species, which make love for other purposes than reproduction.

Sexual intercourse is very important to our existence and that’s why people do their best in order to be capable of performing it.

If you suspect yourself of erectile dysfunction, it seems you’re not alone. The occurrence of erection dysfunction is 25% of the general population, which means that one man out of four suffers from this problem! The survey was performed for men between 18 – 60 years old.

What is worse, more and more young men suffer from erectile dysfunction. 20% from the men aged between 15 –25 have erectile dysfunction.

Is it true that so many youngsters have problems when they take their pants off?

It seems it is. The most frequent sexual problem and the most feared, too is impotence.

Age is not a cause for erectile dysfunction.

A lot of men think that sex life is over after 50 and resign in a life without sexual activity. This attitude seems to be influenced by old popular jokes and by the fact that society glorifies youth.

A lot of men can carry on their sexual life even after they’re 90. In tantric sex, the youngest masters are 60 and they preserve these qualities until senior age. The truth is that humans are structured to be sexually active for their entire life.

Sexual life is the gift given to us by nature and it is important for making our life pleasant in any of its phases. Sex makes us feel good physically and emotionally.

The scientists confirm that we can be interested in sex and have normal virility even in our 90-s and there really are sexually active men at this age. What’s more, scientific surveys demonstrate that 33% of men over 75 are still sexually active.

The truth is that impotence can be medically treated at any age and in any condition. You must only know how to do this.


What’s more important, any man, irrespective of his age should be able to get erections and enjoy sexual pleasure. In our days it is quite usual to see young men of 25, just in the middle of their youth, suffering from impotence. This shocking fact is not known in society.

Do you remember that sensation when as a teenager you used to see a pair of tits in the street and got a strong erection; well, in this strong erection guide you’ll find out how you can get that excitation state and sexual energy again.

Impotence harms the couple and especially your lover. Sex, especially in the relationship of two partners, strengthens the connection between the two lovers. It provides the feeling of being loved, safe, competent and strong.

Sex is a good way to keep yourself fit, providing exercise for your muscles, joints and heart system. Men generally waste a lot of time warring about sex and their ability to perform it. It has an impact on the most important feelings of a men and it constantly affects his disposition and his life course. Even if his partner doesn’t have any complain and understands him, he feels himself unimportant.


How can you realize that you suffer from impotence?

The sign foretelling impotence is the loss of spontaneous erections during the day. Each man gets to be affected by this symptom at a certain age. Some lose spontaneous erections at 35, others at 70 and some of them at 20.

What’s more important, with the correct information you’ll be able to mentain that sexual potency until hoary old age if you really want it. Some other men get erections more and more seldom, delayed, fewer during the night or they just don’t get them at all.

An impotent man notices first that his erections become softer and softer and they don’t last as long as they used to before. At some time he can’t even have an erection at all (we must mention that not all men become impotent).

Men must always have erections, even unexpectedly and sometimes in situations when such a thing could be embarrassing. These erections may be caused by a series of stimuli: some visual fact, like seeing a young pretty girl in a mini-skirt; a smell, for example a fragrance hue that can remind of an attractive woman.

This type of erection is called psychogenetic erection that is it is stimulated by something that determines the brain to produce hormones, responsible for causing erection. It is not normal at all that men should lose their capacity of getting such erections until 60, or even beyond this age.

The loss of these erections occurs gradually, and most of the men are not aware of it. But at a certain time the erections cease completely.

Though, it seems that not all men suffer from impotence as some of their friends, same age, enjoy the erections they had when 15, are sexually very active with immense libido and all the time open to new sexual experience. This means YES, it is possible to have a teenager’s virility until older age, at 30, 50 or 90.

It depends just on you. The chance to improve your sexual state is just at some minutes distance away.

Other signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunctions:

  • Occasional incapacity to get strong erections.
  • Incapacity to keep an erection during the entire sex intercourse.
  • Incapacity to get an erection when you need it.

This strong erection guide contains everything you would ever wish to know about treating erectile dysfunction. This is a complex guide that will get you through each problem you have step by step, and you’ll be able to become one of the most existing virile men.

You’ll be able to bring a maximal improvement to your sexual intercourse along your partner. No matter what the state of your present erections is, this guide contains techniques, methods, exercises, tips and advice meant to bring back the sexual passion to your life, just like you used to have it in the past, maybe even better. And that’s because each man deserves to fully enjoy sex life.

It doesn’t matter if you are 20, 40 or 70, this strong erection guide contains any information that will help you recover maximum virility. Irrespective of your present state, maybe you’re not even bothered by it, but just think that a lot better is possible, much, much better, so better that you can’t even remember what pleasure raised in you the erections you had when 15.

When you finish reading this guide, you’ll realize that you’ve got all the information at hand for becoming the best lover again and for keeping it on like this as much as you wish. This information will make your sex life blow up and so will do your life in general.

When sex is beautiful, life is incredible. You’ll become livelier, you’ll have much more confidence in yourself, you’ll be more enthusiastic, and you’ll be able any moment you want to perform the most impressive sexual intercourse ever.

This book contains everything you need to become one of the most potent men and to treat erectile dysfunction completely. After recovering your virility up to a normal level, you’ll feel yourself more like a man, you’ll feel sexier and more accomplished.

Sex is one of the most important domains of human species, and the majority of men do their best to improve it and to avoid and minimize failures. There are effective solutions in negotiating this problem, so that it should be you the one who decides how long you want to be virile like in your teens, and you’re going to find out all of them in this strong erection guide.

A man starts avoiding sex when he notices he’s now and then affected by impotence. For this reason they begin sidestepping sexual intercourses, which is very serious. In the first place it is serious because the unity of the couple is broken. Then the sex partner starts imagining thousands of things like she’s no longer attractive for him, that he doesn’t love her anymore or he’s found a new girlfriend, etc.

The rising fights bring to isolation and loneliness causing eventually the couple break up. A poor sex life can make your life in general shorter and it can also cause more health problems. Even if you are 20, 30, or 40 and you haven’t encountered erection problems yet, you should ensure your future, and if you think better, you don’t get such strong erections as you had when 15.

It can always be better for your sex life and you’re just about to discover how you can become one of the most virile men. What’s alarming, the state of your erections gets worse and worse if you don’t do something to stop it.

Do you want to feel as you used to when you were 15?

Men suffering from erectile problems start an expectation period, and the studies show that this period is very long, years long – hoping that the situation is accidental and they will recover. The good part is that you’ll find in this guide all the information you need for treating your impotence completely.

This Guide will rouse your sexual desire, you’ll encounter no problem when in bed with your partner, you’ll improve your mood and your sexual performance will be considerably enriched. The erectile dysfunction can harm a relationship very much. Impotence can damage a man’s self-confidence, the partner’s self-confidence, it can impair the mutual relation of the two and the way they see each other.

Sexual potency is closely connected to the feeling of power, competence, self-confidence as well as to a good mood feeling, health and happiness. In this strong erection guide, there are techniques, methods, exercises and tips which, if used together, they’ll return you the life and potency of a 15 years old teenager, no matter how old you are now.

Here are all the tools you need to make your erections stiffer and to become a sex legend. The erectile dysfunction is a common affection but in spite of the great number of persons suffering from it , the number of men who do something to get rid of it, is very small. Experts estimate that only about 15-20% from the 152 millions of the impotent men in the world have asked for some help.


I’m more confident than you are, that you’ll get rid of these problems. Most of the men consider that there is no more hope for them.

Of course, it’s not their fault as this problem is incredibly overwhelming. Maybe you’re reading these lines now and you’re tremendously happy for finding a solution to your problem. In just a few days you’ll see changes in your sex life and this will get better and better, the more you’ll apply as much as possible from the advice, methods, techniques and exercises in this manual.

Why resign yourself to a poor sex life if you can become a sex legend and you can change the ability to make love for the rest of your life. Change your sex life and your virility so that you get the success you want in your bedroom.

You’ll be able to enjoy sex the way most men just dream to be possible. In a matter of days your sex life will be changed for the rest of your existence.