Alcohol and recreational drugs tested!

People have always looked for ways to enhance their sexual lives since the beginning of time, either through certain foods that carry the afford mentioned properties or by animal parts that because of some sort of resemblance to a part of the human body are supposed to help with this kind of endeavor.

The actual properties of these foods have been studied, and though no definite proof of their actual potential has been outed still many believe that some of these mythic foods are an aphrodisiac, such is the case of alcohol and other recreational drugs. These substances have been used for a long time supposing they actually take part in the development of sexual desire within couples, but many studies might prove the complete opposite.

Aphrodisiac qualities are basically said to belong to any object that helps awaken arousal in people, much has been said already about this subject, so getting down to the real alcohol facts and consequences of recreational drugs in the body should be the main preoccupation of people that are worried about this particular uses. What most people usually think they know about alcohol is that when people ingest it, they automatically get turned on or ready for any sexual intercourse that may come their way. This statement is part truth and part false.

The actual effect of alcohol in people’s organism is not quite obvious, as well as any other recreational drug, alcohol only acts as an inhibitor of certain emotions, it slows down blood flow within the body and basically just relaxes the body all together, from head to toe, hence slurred talk so common in drunk people as well as the heaviness of limbs and difficulty to walk.

Getting completely drunk, according to some, may result in the best sexual encounter of their life, but in fact, it could actually ruin it. The male organism is meant to work with a certain amount of blood pressure when wanting to engage in sexual intercourse, excessive doses of alcohol may result in exactly the opposite and yield results undesired by any man, such as erectile dysfunction.

Recreational drugs like Cannabis (Marijuana), Heroin, Cocaine and Ecstasy are supposed to also posses the aphrodisiac properties attributed to alcohol, but some of them equally have the effects of lowering blood pressure and difficulting the male response to arousal.

Even though both types of substance have been advertised as amazing sexual enhancers in some occasions, they are not, the only actual property these substances have is the ability to make people suppress their inhibitions and let lose a little bit. Saying that recreational drugs or alcohol have aphrodisiac properties is false, and taking both in great amounts could actually decrease sexual performance.