Barbecues, BBQ, BarBQ, barBcue!

Cooking on barbecue grills, or more simply barbecues, is a crucial part of outdoor living.

From patios, gardens, beaches to condo balconies a grill is always popular with everybody.

We all love the life around a fire, even better around a fired up grill. The smell of sizzling food can be quite hypnotic, especially when you haven’t eaten for a while. Besides, no real patio set is without a grill of some kind.

Things have come a long way since early man, the hunter, who would cook his food over a fire, but what about the barbecue as we all know it today? …

You’ll find an assortment of BBQ information, tips and tricks about gas grills, charcoal barbecues, smoker grills, and much more. This should help you decide which is right for you. By the way, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our consumer sections it probably hasn’t been invented yet.

… From all the places in the world, I think that for many Texas (I guess a lot of folks will argue with me here) comes to mind when ones thinks about barbecues. And with good reason. Texas is famous all over the world for its beef barbecue, and method of dry-rubbing the meat prior to smoking it. If the beef is famous, then BBQ Beef ribs are the actual dish that comes to mind, with a hot and sweet sauces served alongside. Why even Texas grills and smokers are famous! One thing that many Europeans do not appreciate is that ribs may even require up to 10 hours cooking time. If anyone ever eats greasy or fatty ribs it is probably due to the fact that they haven’t been cooked, or smoked, long enough.

Another thing that many people ignore, especially in Europe is the art of using herbs, spices and marinades. This can take your grilling to a whole new world, the taste and smell can be fantastic. Experiment, it can be fun! Here’s one of my favourites for nice thick chicken breast.

In a bowl pour about half a cup of olive oil, a little lemon juice, then a nice fist of finely chopped fresh ginger, add some finely chopped chilli pepper, freshly ground black pepper and a nice big dollop of honey (yes, that’s honey). Mix everything well. Place the chicken breasts in this mixture and turn from time to time. Leave for about 1-2 hours at room temperature. Best cover the bowl, the flies love it! When cooking make sure the charcoal is at the end of it’s life, you don’t want it too hot and you mustn’t risk any flames burning your chicken. You can add the marinade to the chicken during cooking, but be careful of any flames.