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Rocking chairs – time to relax

Outdoor Rocking chairs – Just the mention conjures up images of relaxing on the porch during a hot summer evening, sipping away on iced tea, immersed in conversation or just simply lost in thought. There is no denying that there is no better way to enjoy some afternoon summer shade or lazily rock away the evening than sitting in an… Read more »

Enjoy your outdoor furniture

With modern materials and manufacturing, outdoor furniture can last as long, and in some cases much longer than your living room furniture! So many manufacturers are now taking full advantage of the major advances in frame materials, fabrics and the finishes used to protect them. Your outdoor furniture can really be that “for outdoors”. But before buying your outdoor patio furniture, there… Read more »

Unfinished furniture

Unfinished Furniture – taking control of outdoor living With unfinished furniture you really can design your garden or patio of the future. Unfinished furniture allows you to complete the final stages of the furniture design through a do it yourself process of assembly and decoration. Unfinished furniture such as chairs, tables, loveseats and arbors come shipped to you as an… Read more »

Barbecues, BBQ, BarBQ, barBcue!

Cooking on barbecue grills, or more simply barbecues, is a crucial part of outdoor living. From patios, gardens, beaches to condo balconies a grill is always popular with everybody. We all love the life around a fire, even better around a fired up grill. The smell of sizzling food can be quite hypnotic, especially when you haven’t eaten for a… Read more »

Wicker furniture

For many Wicker Furniture simply means “relax” … and it has for over a 1000 years! If we think of all the different materials used for furnishings, wicker furniture is probably the most versatile of all. Wicker furniture fits perfectly with upholstered pieces. From the living room to laundry wicker just fits in great and never looks out of place…. Read more »

Patio iron furniture

A short consumer guide to wrought iron furniture, in particular iron patio furniture Wrought iron furniture offers a look of stability and class, somehow it seems traditionally British, or it may bring back memories of a Mediterranean holiday sitting around a bistro table. Whist it offers a stable, weather resistant and attractive choice for patio and garden furniture, there are several… Read more »

A decorators dream – the chaise lounge

Looking for a resort luxury at home? Then consider a chaise lounge. A chaise lounge is a long recliner chair designed for the outdoor patio entertaining area. Coming from the French phrase chaise longue, meaning “long chair”, also known as lounger or recliner, is a classic chair that offers a new class and comfort for warm summer days by the… Read more »