Sugar – is it really evil?

Sugar is considered to be a dietary evil even though our brain cannot function properly without it. So, some important questions which arise here are: Should sugar be avoided at all costs? Or is it fine to consume it in the form such as fructose which is fruit sugar?
Before these questions are answered, there are some nutritional facts regarding sugar which should be heeded. Sugar is a nutritional paradox and supplies energy to every part of our body such as organs, cells and muscles. Even nutritionists all over the world agree that consumption of sugar is important for our existence. However, what we forget in all this is that the right quantity of sugar should be consumed if we want to protect ourselves from its ill effects which include suffering from diseases such as diabetes. This is the reason why many people have started switching to alternative sweeteners to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Alternative Sweeteners: How Healthy are They?

Some alternative sweeteners commonly consumed by people include molasses, agave nectar, raw organic honey, evaporated cane juice and brown sugar. The two main advantages of incorporating alternative sweeteners in your diet are:

  • They include minerals such as manganese, calcium, zinc, potassium and iron which are not found in regular sugar.
  • Some of these alternative sweeteners have a low GI (Glycemic Index) as compared to normal sugar.

These advantages especially the lower GI help artificial sweeteners to maintain blood-sugar levels. This further helps in maintaining our health as a sudden increase in blood sugar leads to a high blood pressure. Prolonged high blood pressure has many ill effects such as diabetes and other health problems. Therefore, we are saved from this entire cycle of ill effects of sugar by simply consuming artificial sweeteners.

So, an increase in the intake of sugar will not only lead to an increase in your weight but also make you more vulnerable to suffer from chronic health diseases such as diabetes. So if you possess a sweet tooth then opt to consume alternative sweeteners with low GI loads. Also, make it a point to consume some protein or natural fat either with or before eating some sweet food. This will help to keep your blood sugar level down.