Have a cigerette with that cup of coffee

There are many people who truly believe the dieting myth that stimulants help them to lose weight by working as appetite suppressors. People believe that things such as caffeine and nicotine serve to quench their cravings for food. Though this is a dieting myth, it is not completely false. Caffeine and nicotine do in fact work this way by releasing the body’s stores of sugar.

This is one excuse that smokers use for not dropping the habit. They think that if they quit they will balloon up and would rather smoke them gain weight. This method of weight loss does work; however, it is only short term and will not keep the weight off or keep it at a controlled level for long. Another problem with this type of diet/weight loss system is that it is totally unhealthy. Using stimulants for a long period of time can wreak havoc on the range of blood sugar in one’s body.

The fact is, it makes the blood sugar levels drop and when this happens other consequences follow closely behind. When someone’s blood sugar drops it can cause severe fatigue, cravings for sugar, depression and mood swings.

The worse effect is the fact that dependence can be developed for nicotine and caffeine that is an ever more difficult war to fight then the battle of the bulge. The best advice is to not use stimulants for the purpose of staving off hunger and losing weight. It is unhealthy and can be a very dangerous method. Instead, eat a lower calorie diet to achieve your goals.