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All calories are the same

Each calorie is different, especially in relation to weight loss. It has been proven by recent scientific studies that not all calories carry the same “weight”. Diets have changed over time in relation to three food groups which are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. While the consumption of calories that hold fat are going down, the ones coming from protein and… Read more »

Soft drinks and obesity

Soft drinks increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Sugar-sweetened drinks do this in four ways: Direct increase in calorie intake Appetite stimulation Negative effects of high-fructose corn syrup on metabolism Replacement of healthy dietary intake Sugar based soft drinks usually contain about 140-150 calories per serving (12 oz). Therefore, if one adjusts dietary intake to account for these… Read more »

Have a cigerette with that cup of coffee

There are many people who truly believe the dieting myth that stimulants help them to lose weight by working as appetite suppressors. People believe that things such as caffeine and nicotine serve to quench their cravings for food. Though this is a dieting myth, it is not completely false. Caffeine and nicotine do in fact work this way by releasing… Read more »

Fat makes you fat? Not really.

Eating fat makes people fat. At least that is the myth people are told. However, it is untrue. It is not just eating fat that makes a person fat. Add in sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol and the many other fats and they are all turned into glucose which is the fuel that makes bodies run. Any excess that they body has… Read more »