Fat makes you fat? Not really.

Eating fat makes people fat. At least that is the myth people are told. However, it is untrue. It is not just eating fat that makes a person fat. Add in sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol and the many other fats and they are all turned into glucose which is the fuel that makes bodies run.

Any excess that they body has turns itself it fat and stores it. Protein is also a fuel the human body is dependent on and can also be turned into glucose, though not as easily as other foods. And, as far as fat goes, not all fats are the same or do the same things to the body.

For instance, there is a huge difference between eating a snack cake that contains 150 grams of saturated fat and eating a bag of seeds that contains 150 grams of essential fat. Saturated fats only use is to be burned for energy or stored in the bodies fat reserves. Essential fats on the other hand provide people with things their bodies need. For example, essential fats get used up by the brain and nerves and the skin and arteries.

These fats also help to keep hormones in balance and give immunity a great, big boost. The only time the body stores essential fats is if there are any leftover but typically, there are not. Eating this type of fat will not make people fat but eating saturated fats or foods that are deep fried or processed will.

Fat in general does not make a person fat unless, of course, it is eaten in excess. However, fat is not the main villain. Low-fat diets have done their part in the obesity epidemics. This is because the majority of low-fat diets are also high in carbs so essentially what is being done is carbs and fatty foods are being replaced with things that are high in sugar and other refined foods.

This just pumps up the blood sugar problems which make it 100 times harder to control weight. Because of this, diets that are too low-fat or too high-carb can cause emotional issues as well as health issues. People on these types of diets are more prone to mood swings, sugar cravings and excessive fatigue.

The very worst aspect of the low-fat diet is that it completely deprives the dieter of essential fats that, as was already discussed, are important for the major body systems. It has been noted by the former director of nutrition at the Longevity Center in Florida that these types of diets lead to dry skin, issues with hair and nails and allergies problems. This is not to say that people should not cut back on fat, but the main focus should be on cutting back on saturated fats.