Carbs and proteins are mortal enemies

One of the great diet myths is that people should not eat proteins and carbs together as these two things are great enemies and like to fight each other. Why is this such a great myth? The answer is because if it were true then nature would be wrong and nature is never wrong; but humans are.

Lentils and beans, nuts and seeds all contain both carbs and proteins. Even though this is scientifically proven and based on tangible evidence directly from nature, some people still persist in certain food-combining diets. This movement began way back in the 1930’s by Dr. Hay, who put heavy emphasis on consuming whole foods along with many fruits and vegetables.

He also pushed the fact that fruits should be eaten separately from other types of foods due to the “fact” that fruits can be trapped in the stomach by heavier foods and can ferment right in one’s belly. He further stated that one should never eat proteins and carbs together so this means no fish with rice or meat with potatoes.

This type of diet has been studied and shows absolutely no benefits. Actually, the opposite has been proven. By combining the two the release of sugars slows, making it a good combination to help stabilize blood sugar which also helps to control weight.

Seeing that most people who have problems with blood sugar levels are overweight, it stands to reason that mixing carbs with proteins would be beneficial, not harmful. This can be seen in many areas of the world and also serves as more proof of the benefits, not the harmfulness, of combining proteins and carbohydrates. Take for example people who live on islands and coastal areas.

The majority of these people are very healthy and at their ideal weight. They eat a diet that is heavy in fish, fruits and vegetables. They are the proof that this myth is exactly that; a myth.

The only people who should follow the dieting methods put forth by Dr. Hays are ones who have severe digestive problems or issues with blood sugar that have not been successfully controlled in other ways. In the fight to lose weight, the key is not to limit the types of foods eaten together but to change the types of foods that are eaten overall.