Chocolate Milkshake Recipe – A Little Sin

Chocolate milkshake recipe on a fitness site? Yes! Chocolate has been the brunt of many criticisms, from being responsible for pimple outbreaks, to weight gain and many other harsh remarks.

The truth is, chocolates do not cause pimples, that is a myth. While excessive amounts of chocolates can cause you to gain weight, any other food would too, if you do not work out regularly.

Therefore, set aside such misconceptions and take a look at what wonders chocolate can do, especially dark chocolate.

Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Every day, research on this delicious compound seems to find more and more interesting facts. Chocolate seems to be great for your health, if you eat them in moderation and keep fit of course. Care must also be taken to ensure that you eat well every day!

Take a look at healthy eating guidelines to find out how.

Improves the functions of the brain

Consumption of dark chocolate have been shown to increase the blood flow of your body to the brain, allowing better thinking and analyzing ability. Research is currently being done to see dark chocolate can prevent illnesses like dementia.

Helps prevent heart disease

Dark chocolate contain compounds that can lower blood pressure in your body thereby decreasing the risk for heart disease like stroke and heart attacks.

A study was conducted on those who ate dark chocolate twice a week and those who didn’t. Those who did were at much lower risk for heart disease.

Strengthens the teeth

Candy damages the brain? Either dark chocolate is not candy, or dark chocolate is just an exception! You decide.

Dark chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that triggers the body to harden tooth enamel, preventing cavities in the teeth. This means less painful visits at the dentist’s!

Note: These benefits are strictly for dark chocolate. Unfortunately, white or milk chocolate do not possess such benefits, so I strongly suggest that you stay away from them. Dark chocolate is best! 😀

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Let’s get cracking on preparing a chocolate milkshake recipe.


  • Dark chocolate (with a cocoa percentage of your preference), chopped
  • Milk (three quarters of a cup for one serving)
  • Vanilla ice cream


Prepare a water bath. Basically, have a pot of boiling water, then place another pan or bowl above it. Place all your dark chocolate bits into it, and leave it be.

Water baths are great because your chocolate won’t burn as they are steamed. Never microwave as not only can your chocolate burn, but microwaves are extremely dangerous and unhealthy for you.

Add milk (this depends on how many servings you want) to a blender. One glass of chocolate milkshake would require three-quarters of a cup of milk. Pour in the melted chocolate and add two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Blend at medium speed until the mixture is well blended. Enjoy your tasty, delicious chocolate milkshake!

Final Words

Try this recipe and weep from the heavenly taste! I think you would be back for more before you know it. Just be sure not to abuse this recipe. If you do need more, get ready to run on the track!

I hope you have a fun time preparing it as much as I have enjoyed myself sharing this recipe with you!