Food journals help to lose weight

This is no longer a big secret that the main cause of obesity and gaining weight is ‘overeating’. Even though many people tend to get shocked when they find out that they consume many more calories than they actually realize during the progress of the day.
In fact, many people do not even know the amount of calories as in how many carbohydrates, fats and proteins they actually need to consume in their diets on a daily basis to maintain a healthy existence.

Overestimating the size of the portion and underestimating its calories is sure to make the measure on the scale go up with time.

So, getting back into shape by losing weight is not all about eating lesser but being able to get the right quantity of nutrients. This means that your food intake should not be in the extremes, that is, neither too much nor too little. The main task to be performed here is to strike a balance in diet and be assured to losing kilos and staying healthy at the same time.

Tracking the diet that you consume can prove to be helpful in getting the right amount and form of nutrients in your body.

Studies reveal that people who kept photo food journals were known to lose more weight as compared to those who diet normally. This is primarily because photo food journals increase awareness and accountability regarding what, how much and when you eat your snacks and meals

Thus, the concept of a food diary evolved which requires you to write down whatever you consume as such a trend encourages discipline and consumption of healthy food items. You have the option of using a notepad as your food diary however, these days you have many smartphone applications with the help of which you can track diet along with the progress of your weight loss. Many such smartphone applications for weight loss such as MyNetDiary and Calorie Counter help you to access a nutritional database. Many of these smartphone applications contain a food diary along with an exercise log so that you can monitor your progress successfully. Some of the smartphone applications are free of cost others can cost you a monthly fee for some added features.

In the end it is important to lose weight no matter what tool you choose; photo food journal, smartphone applications or a food diary to monitor yourself. You need to formulate a customized diet plan for yourself and that is what will ultimately provide you with the desired results.