Vegetarian Money Saver Garden

Everybody is looking for ways to save money thesedays. What if you could spend about $150 for food one time and then eat as much and as often as you want —- for the rest of your life— FREE?



Good. Here we will explain how you can eat super healthy food for about the price of one grocery store shopping spree.

In our video, Pam will show us her unique green-thumb garden she is growing on their farm in upstate South Carolina. She and husband Paul have built an eye appeasing, very functional yet small, raised garden that grows more food than they can possibly eat. And they never have to buy food or more garden seeds.

As you watch the video, please keep in mind your garden doesn’t have to look exactly like Pam’s. You can build you raised garden any way you like. But Pam’s garden does offer some really great ideas.

And, best of all, Pam grows Organic Heirloom seeds, which can be harvested from the vegetables and planted year after year! She only bought vegetable seeds one time. From that first seed investment, the harvested seeds are free and those are planted every year.

So, if saving money and eating super healthy food appeals to you, let us watch Pam as she explains how to it right.

Here is our feature video

Excellent presentation, Pam! Thanks.

One thing Pam didn’t cover in the video is winter gardening.

Since vegetarians are in the habit of eating even in Winter, it is necessary to find a way to grow food even when there is snow on the ground.

One possible solution is a Vegetarian Greenhouse Garden.

Set up a Greenhouse Garden and start growing plants inside, the plants themselves generate heat. It is very common to discover the inside of a producing greenhouse is at least ten degrees warmer the temperature outdoors. But, if need be, a small heater or heat lamp can be placed inside a greenhouse to keep the plants warm.


Vegetable plants that get too cool will automatically stop germinating (growing). But once a little heat is applied, they begin growing again…all year long if they stay warm.

Of course, you will also want to plant the best type of seeds to insure the best and most plentiful harvest.

We recommend planing only 100% organic Heirloom vegetable seed. Heirloom seeds are healthy, natural, and totally chemical-free. Indeed, Heirloom seeds are the same seeds most governments are trying to outlaw. Why? Because they DO grow year after year.

Commercial GMO seeds are genetically engineered to die after the first year growth. Those seeds are not healthy to eat but they do provide the big agriculture companies with a steady income. Indeed, most of the “fresh” produce we buy in our local grocery stores are GMO produce. The seeds harvested from that produce simply won’t grow. You will have to buy new seeds every season.

And, since most governments have signed agreements and contracts with commercial GMO seed companies, the governments are working hard to pass laws that will outlaw Organic Heirloom seed.

We hope this presentation provided much needed help for your vegetarian gardening project.