Eggplant, the Burger Lovers Delight

Who would have ever thought that an eggplant could become so popular or be so delicious when it’s pressed into a burger? This is one food all vegans and vegetarians should know about!

First, let us describe what an eggplant is and why it is so healthy for those vegetarians who might know it by another name.

Eggplant–also know as aubergine– is a common food grown throughout the world. Most people,eat purple eggplant, although it grows in white, brown and yellow varieties as well. It is a common ingredient in Greek, French, Italian and many Indian cuisines. A breakdown of the nutritional value of eggplant tells of a food low in fats and calories and rich in several nutrients.

Vitamin C

A one-cup serving of eggplant provides about 2 percent of a person’s daily recommended vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that the body uses in the growth and maintenance of tissues. While it is a source, the daily nutritional value of eggplant is not high in this vitamin when compared with many fruits and other vegetables.


Potassium is a mineral that works as an electrolyte in the body and is crucial for regulation of the heart. Too much potassium in the system can cause the heart to beat too fast, and too little potassium can cause the blood pressure to drop dangerously low. The nutritional value of eggplant when it comes to potassium is 3 percent per serving.

Dietary Fiber

Eggplant is rich in dietary fiber, which is roughage for the body and helps the bowels stay regular and moving smoothly. It also helps keep cholesterol and blood sugar at appropriate levels. The daily percentage of dietary fiber in just one serving of eggplant is 10 percent.


The nutritional value of eggplant also includes a wealth of manganese. Manganese is another mineral that serves to build bones and help the thyroid gland to function. It also interacts with several vitamins within the body in order for them to work properly and do their jobs. One serving of eggplant contains 6 percent of the body’s daily needed manganese.

One ingredient found in eggplant which is not so healthy is Nicotine.

Indeed nicotine is not something the body wants or needs, but one interesting component to the nutritional value of eggplant is that it contains more nicotine than any other edible plant.

However, the amount of nicotine found in eggplant is still nowhere near the concentration found in cigarettes or other tobacco products. It would take a crate of eggplant to provide enough nicotine to actually be smoked. But, when eaten regularly, it might contain just enough natural nicotine to help curb the withdrawal symptoms of a person trying to quit smoking.

Calories and Fats

One of the healthiest aspects of eggplant is that it does not contain much of anything that is bad for the body, even factoring in the trace amounts of nicotine. Eggplant is a low-fat and low-calorie option for those looking to lose weight and eat healthfully. Yet these benefits can be easily negated by cooking it with oils, cheeses and other ingredients that do not mirror eggplant’s qualities in this respect.

Now let’s head to the beautiful state of Atlanta, Georgia, USA and see how a genuine Southern Belle creates one of the finest burgers that ever graces the vegan pallet, using a vegetable which is a member of the nightshade family…the eggplant.

She goes by the name “The Sweetest Vegan.” And after you see her video presentation, how she got that name will be come obvious.

Here is The Sweetest Vegan.

Excellent presentation, Sweetest Vegan. Thank you for sharing with us!

The Other Side Of Eggplants

Unfortunately, there are some people who find they are allergic to eating eggplants.

Severe reactions can include throat swelling and nausea, although more common reactions include itchiness and rash.

Eggplant allergies do not tend to be as common or as severe as allergies to other members of the nightshade family, such as tomatoes or bell peppers. Still, parents should monitor their children when serving eggplant. Common antihistamines can usually treat most eggplant allergies.

But seeking the advice of a trusted, qualified medical professional is always the best recommendation where health issues are concerned.