Making The best Vegetable Burgers From Your Hydroponic Garden

Today, our excellent presentation is brought you by Bhavna. Bhavna only recently subscribed to our vegetarian blog and already she has provided a treasure trove of excellent vegetarian cooking information for us.

In our video today, Bhavna will share with us her absolutely delicious vegetable burger recipe. We decided to post this video now because many of our subscribers already have ripened produce in their hydroponic gardens and they will find today’s presentation very interesting.
To preface our presentation, you may want to stop the video and take notes. Some of Bhavna’s presentation passes by quickly and not enough time is allowed to take notes. Her written recipe, for example, passes by the camera quickly allowing only a glimpse of the ingredients. Hence, you will probably want to stop the video long enough to take a few notes.

Aside from than that, we are pleased and most grateful to Bhavna for sharing her wonderful veggie burger recipe with us.

Here are some wonder ideas demonstrated, how to best prepare the harvested food from your healthy hydroponic garden. Even children who are finicky eaters will love these delicious burgers.

And, one last thought—in the video, you will see dairy cheese being placed on the veggie burger. If you prefer not to eat dairy cheese, simple replace it with vegetarian cheese.

Here is our video. Enjoy!

Veggie Burger for Vegetarians

Thank you, Bhavna. Truly an excellent presention!

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