The quest of getting ripped- Women’s bodybuilding

The Objective: Getting ripped to show off the perfect abs.
Your Mission: Work the cardio and watch the diet.
Degree of Success: Depends entirely on you.

Here, we will look at the cardio training for the pursuit of getting ripped.
First thing we should look at is when is the best time to do cardio work. Is it before your bodybuilding session or after? Experts have debated this. I believe you would have to decide if bodybuilding is your priority or is it just fitness. If bodybuilding is your priority you should do it first when you will have the most energy. What I do is a short 10-minute warm up cardio before hitting the weights. After the weight lifting session is generally I will do the fat burning cardio.

The type of cardio training is really up to you. Using a trend machine, running track, jumping rope or what ever you prefer. As long it elevates your heart rate enough. I generally tell if my heart rate is fast enough by talking to somebody when I am doing the cardio workout. You should labor yourself enough to be grabbing air but not to a point that you can’t speak to someone. If I am running out in the woods with Charliee the Wonder dog (my lab), I should be able to yell at him when he is getting in trouble chasing a rabbit or something. I don’t use an expensive heart monitor. You would be better off using that money to buy a really good pair of running shoes. Using an inferior pair can really hurt your lower body joints if you run a lot.

The cardiovascular system and the respiratory system work together. The two systems directly and indirectly touch every cell in your body. The respiratory system provides a conduit for the intake of oxygen and the expulsion of carbon dioxide and water. It needs the cardiovascular system to complete its functions, transferring oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream and then to the cells, and transferring carbon dioxide and water from the cells to the bloodstream and then out the body.

Remember you are a bodybuilder. Not an endurance athlete. Use the cardio to burn fat and getting ripped. Do not try setting land speed records. It will take energy away from your bodybuilding endeavors. Keep on your quest of perfect abs. Please sure to check with your doctor if you are just starting to exercise.