Taking diet pills is the answer to weight loss?

If you look around your local drug stores, online and in mailing advertisements you will see that one of the biggest items being pushed are slimming pills. Each year a new product comes on the market that promises amazing results. Do not get sucked in. These products should be avoided like the plague. What is in most of them are starch blockers which inhibit carb digestion. The theory behind these types of pills is that if you are not digesting what makes you fat then you will not gain the weight in the first place. This is highly unhealthy as having a bunch of undigested carbs sitting in your belly means bad news.

This bad news comes in the form of yeast infections, gas and bacterial infections of all sorts. Another type of slimming pill that has been built up is a supplement called chitosan which is an inhibitor of fat. In other words, it is supposed to stop the digestion of fats. After extensive studies, science has come to the conclusion that this has no effect on the loss of weigh and is in fact another pill that is all hype and no results. The big picture is that the drug companies are cashing in on the peoples desires and desperateness to achieve weight loss. Their biggest money maker is those pills that stop you from digesting fats and the drug does just that.

But the side effects include gas and bloating, oily and fatty bowel movements and semi incontinence dealing with bowel movements. If that is not enough to make you run the other way, consider the fact that while these pills are blocking bad fats they are also blocking essential fats that take care of your brain, heart and skin. Overall, having fat in your stomach that is undigested is a very bad idea for your health.

There are yet other drugs on the market for weight loss that contain stimulants that serve to suppress your hunger and make you overly hyper. When you become wired on stimulants you may have more energy for exercise and other activities but this high only last for a short time before you feel the crash.

Plus, this type of pill only works in the short term. If you must take diet pills, try to locate ones that are all natural. Look at the ingredients and anything that list caffeine as a main ingredient steer clear of. Even so called natural supplements slip in this stimulant and it is simply not a good idea for use in weight loss.