The Dukan diet – another protein diet

For the past few years the only explanation that people had about the toned bodies of French people when compared to the Americans was their use of wine and olive oil. But more than these two characters, it’s the revolutionary diet programme that the French seem to be following that’s keeping the fat off their body. The Dukan diet which was kept as a secret is now out in the open. One of the great things about the diet is that not only is it delicious but it keeps your fat cells in check and promises a healthier future.

Different phases of the Dukan diet

  • Phase 1: The first phase is known as the attack phase where you are subjected to low fat protein diets which is supplemented with lots of water. You can garner protein with meats, beef, turkey etc. and also dairy possibilities like zero fat yoghurt. The diet should be supplemented with 20 minutes of walk daily and your diet can be seasoned using olive oil and herbs to add that extra texture. The purpose of the diet is to pass just protein and water through your lips.
  • Phase 2: This phase distributes your diet into two parts, just protein foods and protein mixed with vegetable. This is also known as the cruise phase. How you split the schedule depends on you, you can have 3 days of just protein foods and 4 days of protein and vegetable foods in a week. The intake of bran and water is recommended. It’s in this stage that you lose a lot of weight. The type of vegetables that you can introduce are cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers etc. You are also required to walk 30 minutes daily.
  • Phase 3: Coming to this phase you have already reached your desired weight. This phase is known as the consolidation phase and it’s designed to maintain your weight. In this phase you can gently introduce bread, cheese, butter in your diet. You can have two slices of bread along with cheese or low fat butter. You can have one fruit per day and one serving of carbs per week.
  • Phase 4: In this phase you can go back to what you like eating but you are advised to keep the basics of phase 3 intact. You can gently introduce other foods but in small quantities and should take them with phase 3 ingredient like fruits, herbs etc. On Thursdays you should have only protein diet. Exercising regularly also improves this phase’s output.

Following this diet regularly along with the mentioned practices would not only keep you away from diseases but would also help you cut down on that extra weight that has been disturbing you for so long.