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Why diets fail

One of the greatest myths that lead to diet failure is that if you eat fewer calories and exercise more then you will lose weight. While diet and exercise certainly contribute to weight loss the bigger picture is more involved and complex then simply changing you’re eating habits and behaviors. Look at fat for instance. For each gram of fat… Read more »

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise – Is It Really All That Great?

What are the benefits of aerobic exercise? Is it so good that everyone needs to talk about it all the time? How great can walking, running and swimming really be? These are some of the questions that I have heard very often, be it on blogs, forums, questions in fitness magazines and the list goes on. I think the problem… Read more »

Fast weight loss programs

Every single day, more fast weight loss programs enter the market. They claim to be different and unique, but they share one similarity: every program claims to be quick and easy. While I am not saying that this is true for EVERY single weight loss product that is being sold, but I can say that 99 percent are out to… Read more »

Preventing diabetes with specific fruits and vegetables

Consumption of green leafy vegetables may show promise however, an overall increase in consumption of vegetables and fruits is adviced. With each passing day more and more people are suffering from type 2 diabetes and this situation is not showing any sign decrease in numbers in the near future. On the positive side, clinical trials reflect that changes in lifestyle may… Read more »