Preventing diabetes with specific fruits and vegetables

Consumption of green leafy vegetables may show promise however, an overall increase in consumption of vegetables and fruits is adviced.

With each passing day more and more people are suffering from type 2 diabetes and this situation is not showing any sign decrease in numbers in the near future. On the positive side, clinical trials reflect that changes in lifestyle may lessen the progress of type 2 diabetes from decreased glucose tolerance by about 60%. People need to change their lifestyle if they want to reduce the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes and this can be done by increasing the consumption of green leafy vegetables, fiber, wholegrain cereal and fruits corresponding with a decrease in the consumption of saturated and total fat. A diet which includes these things along with excercise will definitely lead to a healthy outcome coupled with weight loss.

Vegetables and fruits contain high quantities of dietary fiber, magnesium and antioxidant nutrients. This is the reason why they rae considered to be great for providing protection against the risk of type 2 diabetes. Considering the findings of various studies it is known that fruits are more effective in providing protection against developing diabetes as compared to vegetables.

Since limited studies are conducted to deal with this it is too early to clearly associate green leafy vegetables and fruits with an increased reduction in risks. It is also not certain whether consumption of all fruits and vegetables or a limited few are effective in leading to favourable results.

There is a lot of evidence from various researches that reveal that vegetable and fruits help in weight loss and thus protects us from obesity. Cohort studies also provide evidence that vegetables and fruits help in providng protection against various heart diseases and their side effect such as low blood pressure.

Vegetables and fruits especially green leafy vegetables contain antioxidant nutrients, magnesium and fiber which helps to keep our system clean and healthy. Many digestive problems are sorted out by this alone.

Even though it may be good to  draw attention towards the benefits from the consumption of green leafy vegetables. We need to be careful in communicating that message. No doubt, intake of fruits and vegetables is good to protect us from type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and this is because they contain good quantities of antioxidant nutrients, magnesium and fiber. So, in the end all we need to do is follow a balanced diet if we want to protect ourselves from chronic diseases.