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Knee replacement

Knee replacement is an invasive approach to treating an injured or ailing knee. While knee replacement is an actual operation that can take many months to recuperate from it is a treatment option for many people that can no longer use their knees proficiently. Here is some important information on knee replacement. Knee replacement or total knee replacement as it is… Read more »

Rebuilding knee strength

Rebuilding Knee Strength is extremely important after a serious injury or accident. Many people are hesitant about rebuilding knee strength, because they are unsure how much stress their healing knee can take. If you have injured your knee during a sports activity or accident, here are some great tips on rebuilding knee strength. If you have had a serious knee injury,… Read more »

Neck pain

NECK PAIN   FACT Neck pain and related widespread and complex disorders are prevalent and common in all people. The neck, a more dominant structure than the low back in terms of health and longevity of an individual, plays a role in the genesis and perpetuation of or prevention of and recovery from many common and prevalent diseases and disorders…. Read more »

Low back pain

LOW BACK PAIN “I have arthritis of the back” “I have sciatica” “I have spinal stenosis” ANATOMY: The figure shows the sources of low back pain and related disorders. PERSPECTIVE Low back pain ranks with cardiovascular diseases and mental illnesses as the major causes of the escalation of healthcare costs. The fact is there is no distinct boundary between the above… Read more »