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A REAL DISORDER AFFECTING ALL HUMAN – ADULTS AND CHILDREN ALIKE. The above medical terms are used to describe a constellation of symptoms and signs affecting muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and tendon sheaths which present as firm, taut band of hyperirritable and painful muscle and fascia (fibrous tissue sheath covering muscles). WHERE ARE YOUR TRIGGER POINTS? In the figure, the… Read more »

Knee rehab

Knee Rehab is unfortunately a common occurrence. There are close to 20 million knee injuries each year and a lot of those knee injuries can end up in knee rehab to rehabilitate their knees to make them once again proficient. If you are experiencing a knee injury and would like to learn more about what knee rehab entails, here is some information regarding… Read more »

Avoiding knee injuries

Avoiding knee injuries can be extremely important advice to many people that already suffer from knee injuries or people that are at high risk to receive them. Avoiding knee injury is simple in theory, but much tougher in real life practical activities. If you would like to avoid knee injuries, here are some tips that can help. If you are not… Read more »

All about the knee

Want to learn all about the knee? There are plenty of things to know, such as the major working parts, how to protect it, what to do if it is slightly injured and who to speak to if your knee is seriously injured. Learning all about the knee is extremely important because it is essential to our mobility. Here are… Read more »

Breast cancer treatment – the complete breakdown

Traditional treatments are possibly the most common kind of breast cancer therapy that people recognize, nevertheless, several do not completely recognize just what they suggest. Health care specialists use these treatments since, the very best offered clinical research study has revealed them to be safe and reliable. But wait … there’s even more! Standard treatment for boob cancer, when it… Read more »

Preventing knee injuries

Preventing knee injuries is extremely important for athletes, elderly adults and people that have had knee problems in the past. Preventing knee injuries is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and recurring knee problems. By preventing knee injuries you can keep your knees and other leg components stay strong, healthy and proficient. Here are some tips on preventing knee… Read more »


This section on osteoporosis statistics will show you how devastating osteoporosis is. Osteoporosis is the second most common diseases in the world. The top spot goes to cardiovascular diseases – diseases involving the heart. Osteoporosis will affect a third of all women who are above fifty years old. This figure is greater than the number of women who suffer from… Read more »