Avoiding knee injuries

Avoiding knee injuries can be extremely important advice to many people that already suffer from knee injuries or people that are at high risk to receive them. Avoiding knee injury is simple in theory, but much tougher in real life practical activities. If you would like to avoid knee injuries, here are some tips that can help.

If you are not into sports and just took a bad spill or over rotated your knee joint here are some quick tips to avoiding knee injury. Many times it is a small knee injury that can cause damage down the road. Many health professionals use the R.I.C.E. technique to care for a knee injury. R stands for rest. If you have just hurt your knee, don’t try to be too active, wait until your knee heals.

By resting you are avoiding knee injuries that can make matters worse. I stands for Ice. Ice can slow the blood flow which will stop the swelling in your Knee. C stands for compression or a bandage or brace that will keep your knee stable and E stands for elevation. It is important that you leg be elevated.

If you are playing sports here are a few tips on avoiding knee injuries. Make sure that you wear the proper equipment such as a knee pad, a knee brace or clothing that you can move well in. Protect yourself from direct hits to your knee and surrounding areas, and rest your knee if you feel pain or discomfort.

Avoiding knee injuries can also be as simple as stretching properly and strength conditioning for your legs and areas that help your knee. So follow the above tips or consult with a physician if you are interested in avoiding knee injuries.